Standing Committee of the provincial departments to seriously study and implement the important spee

day, the Provincial Standing Committee Department through the center of the group held a theory of learning, learning, learning and other forms of Party members and cadres, to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech spirit as a political task, quick thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, and the speech into the performance of their duties the work of power and ability. It is agreed that to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai in the forefront of the important speech, for example, requires deep understanding and great efforts to practice General Secretary Xi "four solid" starting point, identify the active implementation of the important speech and focus in learning to further understanding, on better practice, one of the first to forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move forward, to set an example first, under the above rate, for the majority of Party members and cadres.

General Office of the provincial Party Committee Office of cadres should speak with a strong sense of Marx’s standpoint, as to speak it, speak to reflect the people centered ideological line, to speak of "four major solid" in line with the requirements, efforts to improve the ideological level, spiritual pursuit and the level of work; analysis of research work have a strong awareness of the problem, the vision problem is found, have the courage to face the problem, have the ability to solve problems; work should have a strong sense of play, the cause and responsibility on their shoulders, so that the layers play, play, play together to everyone.

Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stressed the need to strengthen ideological and political construction in the first place, in-depth study and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, ideals and faith, to enhance the four self-confidence, always make sensible politics. The discipline and rules is in front, and resolutely safeguard the party’s political discipline and political rules; deepen the style of construction, to consolidate and strengthen the "dare" atmosphere; strict accountability, the establishment of default will ask, ask the normal mechanism of responsibility must be strict; increase discipline scrutiny, keep the curb high pressure situation. To ask the actual effect of the supervision and discipline of accountability jizhuoyangqing, gather positive energy the political life of the party.

provincial Party Committee Organization Department believes that the spirit of learning important speech in the implementation of the effectiveness of the implementation. To adhere to the study and promotion application, and effectively do the grassroots foundation of specific work. To learn the spirit of the important speech, and push forward the "two a" study and education combined into education and training of cadres of the important content, cadres at all levels to guide the practical thinking and action with the central policies and arrangements. Further adjust and improve the evaluation index system, the four solid requirements throughout the whole process of performance appraisal cadres, leading cadres at all levels to take the initiative in innovation and development as.

provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department quickly to make specific arrangements: one is timely publicity about learning the spirit of the important speech of provincial arrangements and work requirements; two is the real action publicity speech caused by the cadres and the masses of the enthusiastic response and all localities and departments to implement the spirit of the speech; the three is to determine a number of key topics according to the spirit of the speech the article, published a series of reviews of speech; speech is around four lists a number of key topics, in-depth study of organizational strength;;

Wang Yubo decisive battle in the fourth quarter

yesterday morning, the Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo presided over the plenary meeting of the municipal government. The meeting summed up the first three quarters of economic work, analysis judged the current economic development situation, the deployment of the work in the fourth quarter, and actively planning next year’s work. Wang Yubo stressed that the city should further strengthen and accelerate the development of confidence and determination, ability to tackle tough, around the enterprise operation, project construction, investment, farmers’ income, financial income and social harmony demolition, the livelihood of the seven aspects of grasping the sprint, to ensure the full completion of the objectives and tasks of the year. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, vice mayor of the city of Xu Guocheng,, in charge of the work of the mouth of the arrangements made on the work of the mouth, and so on, on the other hand, the work of the people’s Republic of China, the vice mayor of the city of China, vice mayor.

this year, the city actively respond to the complex international and domestic environment, and strive to overcome the constraints of factors, the city’s economy and society continue to maintain a stable development trend. January -9 months, the GDP, investment, fiscal revenue, income, total retail sales of social consumer goods five steady growth, industry, service industry, agricultural growth to achieve three rising steadily; expected GDP growth reached 14%, reached the annual plan target. The first three quarters, the city completed the demolition area of more than the sum of the previous three years, demolition work made a breakthrough. Wang Yubo pointed out that the results are in the country’s economic downturn, weak external demand, increased production costs and other adverse factors, hard won, must be fully affirmed. But see the results at the same time, we must see clearly the existing difficulties in the economic operation, adhere to the unwavering goal, focus, focus, concentrate time and security, and strive to achieve the growth speed is not slow, income can not be reduced, the overall goal of investment can not be less. From seven aspects to do the final sprint.

one to focus on the operation of the enterprise sprint, with full use of the province, the city introduced a package to support corporate policy, grasp the existing business operations, the development of Enterprises above Designated Size, do a good job in the real growth point. To further promote the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment of activities, to tease out the problems one by one, step by step by step to solve, to help companies tide over the crisis, must not appear because the service is not in place and affect the enterprise production release. Two to catch the sprint around the project construction, to implement the project elements and to strengthen project management as the key to speed up the progress of the project, especially for some lagging behind the progress of the government investment projects, in a timely manner to analyse and eliminate the factors affecting the project schedule, inverted schedule, strengthening supervision and scheduling, to ensure timely completion. Three to focus on attracting investment sprint, to do a good job in the Investment Fair has been signed to track the implementation of the project, coordinate and solve the relevant problems in the construction process, and strive to sign a landing, a. Four to pay close attention to the farmers around the sprint, to strengthen market management, information dissemination, coordination and other services to ensure the efficiency of agriculture, farmers income. To organize the short-term output of rural labor the winter fallow season, increasing farmers’ income. We will focus on the development of facilities agriculture, ecological animal husbandry, comprehensive and intensive processing industry, handicrafts, ethnic culture, commerce and other industries. The implementation of military enterprises build a model village, poverty alleviation of poverty village relocation pilot project and three counties of the whole village project, to ensure that;

Xining vigorously promote the reform of household registration system

May 9th, Xining held a news briefing on the household registration system reform, provincial and municipal media attended the meeting. After the media into the homes of local residents, for the reform of the household registration system of the interview, people think that the new reform of the household registration system, benefits the country is a good thing, the real benefit to the implementation of people.


Indoorsman Indoorswoman so enjoy the National Day holiday

The reporter was informed that: after a few days of investigation for a flavorfully, no waste, no regrets, memorable holiday, in addition to some people the family car, by plane, by train out of the province to play, vacation, many people chose to stay in Xining to enjoy the National Day holiday seven days, especially some weekdays busy no time to breathe pitch-dark commuters is chose to stay in Xining, stay at home, then home in Xining, in the house of the Xining Indoorsman Indoorswoman are how to cherish cherish and enjoy the national day 7 seconds into music? Please follow the reporter went to see Xining’s Indoorsman Indoorswoman were 7 days holiday life.

the opportunity to enjoy the rare leisure slow life

surveyed a government organs of civil servants, a middle school teacher teacher Mr. Song Wei teacher, a hospital chief physician Dr. Liu and others all in one story told reporters that since the beginning of National Day holiday for 7 days, every day they wake up to sleep early, big days, night time usually dare not close The sun is three poles high., mobile phone at night before going to bed is bold off. With the words of Mr. Song is: "the feeling is a word – beauty! This should be put in peacetime (even if it is weekend), which dare!"

How about opening a magic potato snack bar

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magic potato snacks?

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what snack bar? Open snack bar, to see just a snack is not popular, and the headquarters of the various second policy, can not be denied is that magic potato snack is really a very good project, the cost is not high, the headquarters of all the auxiliary of your success in the snack market, open a magic potato snack, you have to worry about not making money?

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I volunteer my Tim flag for the glory, glory of the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics party volu


    June 28th morning, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics party volunteers, dressed in uniforms, wearing "Xining municipal authorities party volunteers" cap, wore the emblem, in the central square of Xining participated in the municipal authorities party members will work directly under the authority organization "who are willing to serve" the ceremony, and a solemn oath. In the event of the launching ceremony, I board combined with their own characteristics, the production of 5 billboards, banners, promotional materials, 2000, focusing on the situation of the sixth census and the statistical law and other publicity. With practical action to express the good spirit of the party and fine style. Through this activity, with rich content and effective activities as the carrier, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party members and appeal, stimulate the party organizations fighting force and the Communist Party members of the vanguard and exemplary role, and further establish a sense of purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, more strong "Tim glory for the flag, to create a national civilized city, national environmental protection model city, National Forest City, to promote the" four development ", the construction of livable, leisure and life of the city, the city of happiness and contribute to the atmosphere. Party members and volunteers in high and vigorous spirits are full of confidence, have said, will do in the future work, life can be light and heat radiation members around, with practical action to practice the spirit of volunteerism, held to contribute to the eighteen victory of the party.


Chinese and foreign master crossing the the Yellow River winter swimming yesterday

in January 11th, at the fifth session of China · Qinghai International (winter) crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic, from the national China, Russia, France and other 58 winter swimming players to challenge the limits, the completion of the game in the cold water of the the Yellow River crossing.
game intense exciting visual feast with

FIRST film show opens today

2013 China · Xining FIRST youth film show in everyone’s expectations and opening today. In addition to shortlisted film screenings, the FIRST Youth Film Festival for young filmmakers and Xining provide a rich film feast.

in the FIRST Youth Film Festival period, I will invite experienced film professionals as instructors to teach young people to share in their movies, screenwriter, photography, editing, audio and other aspects of the rich experiences and views. After a rigorous screening of the students, under the guidance of professional instructors to experience the charm of the film production, and in 4 days of intense courses in the close communication and cooperation. At the same time, young film directors, actors, producers and other creative film history, film industry and finance and other related topics will be launched in-depth dialogue and debate.

screenings in the period from July 22nd to 26, there is also a famous film director’s work. In July 25th, Jiahe will release Orange Sky Studios Director Ann Hui’s "woman", "forty works", "thousands and thousands of words in Tin Shui Wai night", and the London Film School special screenings of "bicycle", Abba Japan Fukuoka International Film Festival special screenings of "we are always here" and other films. At the same time, the main competition finalists during the film screenings, 9 pm to 11 pm this time period, a total of 40 screenings around the finalists, 13 PM to 16 pm this time period, a total of 20 screenings around finalists.

to the Xining evening news reader feedback, as long as this "Xining · FIRST; let the world see you" text to the e-mail, we can grab tickets daily from the top 50. Readers get the movie tickets, the newspaper editor will reply to e-mail. As a result of the limited number of tickets for the film, the huge number of votes to grab the reader, therefore, each reader can only receive 3 tickets within the film, a limited amount of votes, hair that is. (author: Zhang Qian)


Based on the job than with chuangxianzhengyou Demonstration — the Xining Communist Youth League lau

In order to further implement a [2010]17 "on the grassroots organizations and members to carry out the activities of a good opinion" requirement, give full play to the Xining youth civilization collective good activities in the commando role in creating, and actively promote the "dedication, teamwork, excellence and dedication" spirit, the Communist Youth League of Xining the municipal Party Committee launched the Xining youth civilization chuangxianzhengyou activity

to implement a [2010]17 "on the grassroots organizations and members to carry out the activities of a good opinion" requirement, give full play to the Xining youth civilization collective good activities in the commando role in creating, and actively promote the "dedication, cooperation, dedication and excellence," the spirit of the Communist Youth League. Xining municipal Party Committee launched the Xining youth civilization chuangxianzhengyou activity.

"based on the job than with   chuangxianzhengyou demonstration" as the theme of young workers to Xining city youth civilization collective, striving for collective and collective youth civilization in the main body, to strengthen the ideal faith education, construction of learning youth civilization development, collective activities, youth youth job accomplishment creativity and efficiency activities, carry out youth civilization quality service integrity activities, carry out the cultural image of youth civilization demonstration activities, carry out youth civilization to help promote harmony true twinning activities, volunteer service activities and the promotion of youth culture, Youth League Organization nine theme activities as the main content, starting from April 2011 to December 2012. The end, extensive mobilization (April 2011), and comprehensively promote (May 2011 to the end of November 2012, up three) (December 2012) Specific implementation phase.

in the youth civilization in Xining city to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activity will give full play to the exemplary role in collective youth civilization in various industries in various fields, inspiring and uniting the majority of young workers based on the post, chuangxianzhengyou, led the youth innovative services, improve service, to promote the industry, the unit the work on the level, to unite and lead the majority of the city’s Youth League organizations to promote the city’s "creative city" and the "year" working smoothly and make new contributions.



From the three plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to see the new tr

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 14 –   the eighteen plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the opening of the 13 session of the general assembly in Beijing, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, delivered an important speech on the 14, three. From the style of construction unremittingly to adhere to the zero tolerance of corruption, in order to deepen the reform to promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle to strict party discipline, the plenary session passed out anti-corruption a series of new ideas, new initiatives, new requirements.

deepen style building, punish corruption zero tolerance

To solve the problem of

to maintain close ties with the masses, not once, not overnight, to be unremittingly.

over the past year, the style of construction has made a good start, the central government introduced the eight provisions, and resolutely rectify the four winds, seize the important time node sends a number of prohibitions, notification exposure typical problems, pay close attention to the style of action can be described as frequently. Wash wash away for a year, in exchange for the fresh air blowing, excellent party and government led social customs wind.

, director of the Institute of political science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Fang Ning, the central idea is very clear, long-term adherence to the practice is right. Style building is a cultural construction, pay attention to moisten things silently, if only a gust of wind blowing, the style can never change, must be long-term grasp, bite."

revealed from the plenary view of the information, the current breeding ground for corruption still exists, the anti-corruption situation is still grim and complex, some unhealthy tendencies and corruption problems, to be solved.

anti-corruption high pressure situation continues to adhere to the zero tolerance attitude to punish corruption, which shows that the central government’s strong will and firm determination on the issue of corruption. It can be predicted that this year ‘Tiger’ fly ‘will not weaken the fight together, will continue to strengthen." Central Party History researcher Xue Qingchao said.

some honest construction experts said that the fight against corruption has a long-term, arduous nature, so determined to have perseverance, must grasp the end. If you breathe a sigh of relief in this process, there may be a rebound, or even a larger, more large-scale rebound.

"corrupt elements, we must resolutely investigate and deal with a." People from the plenary session of the Communist Party of China to see the determination and perseverance.

to deepen reform to promote the fight against corruption

party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee put forward to strengthen anti-corruption institutional innovation and institutional protection, the formation of a scientific and effective power restriction and coordination mechanism. Not long ago, the CPC Central Committee issued the establishment of a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption 2013 – 2017 work plan for the next period of clean government and anti-corruption work arrangements.

this session to further clarify, to deepen the reform to promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle, the Reform Party’s discipline inspection system, improve the anti-corruption system, strengthen the power restriction and supervision, to ensure that all levels of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision of the relative independence and authority.