According to the management strategy of talent station, talk about your own ideas

in recent days to see there are more and more attention to personnel of this article on the A5 website, the heart is very happy to tell you the truth, look at this time of the article, in addition to search optimization technology, we really talked about the recruitment industry is not much. After carefully reading the articles of these friends, in addition to admiration is to thank. Thank them for sharing their true thoughts in the heart, so that everyone can make progress together. In this, I according to some of their views, and then to perfect their own ideas, hoping to help more friends.

one of my friends about talent is actually facing the plight of homogenization, if you want to do a good job in the industry, so the proper extraction of the characteristic elements of their own is very important, but when it comes to this, this friend mentioned 36 krypton blog. This blog is one of the blogs I appreciate, not only because of its content, but also because it is in the direction of the development of innovation, unlike most blogs that rely on media content to expand, but based on their own property and to seek technology platform for the development of science and technology provides the opportunity for more love, love business friends, this is a very good idea. Drawing lessons from it, we can set up an entrepreneurial column in our own talent station, put some operational and commercial potential projects on top of it, and then find investors. This is a talent station, a very good direction of development, and I myself have recently operated this project, and so on, with the results, and share with you.

finished, talent station characteristics, talk about these friends talk about the user hierarchy. About first-tier cities, I think do not have to say, although the position of a lot of resources, but the market pressure, the operation process is complex, the next line of business is not very good, so for the grass-roots webmaster, really good operation is the two or three line of the city’s talent station. But for the two or three tier cities, we must make sure that the site faces the user’s attributes. For this, some friends may say groundless statement is certainly facing talent, people looking for work, if you go to the analysis of their recruitment mind is some make an unnecessary move. In fact, otherwise, because each city has the characteristics of each city, to seize the job seekers’ attributes, often in the shortest possible time to enhance the visibility and professionalism of the site. For the most simple example, second tier non industrial city, the job seekers greater mobility, and mainly concentrated in the service industry and the three industry, so in this environment, we should according to the local economic model mainly provides services such as position, role position for workers do not put too much energy otherwise, it will cause a waste of resources.

flow of information is often ignored every talent station, many webmaster is to post the resources on the Internet, the supply and demand of employees to browse, if you want to further understand more valuable information to registered members, this model has long been regarded as the golden laws and precious rules industry friends. However, we have thought of no, let job seekers in such a passive position, for the overall operation of the site to help big or boycott big, at least I think as a webmaster can take the initiative in accordance with a.

How can I write a good copy

engaged in SEO people must be copy is not strange, after all, many so-called "optimization", "director", "Promotion Director" and so on, are from a small network editor, of course, this is only part of the representative. As long as you engage in promotion work related to the Internet, some cannot do without copy, Hefei talent network Xiaobian found on the market, super soft, copywriting, copywriting and creative activities, the so-called SEO and so on, but most hits are just passable. Of course, Xiao Bian’s copy is the same, at this time many new people will begin to complain, "my article is written well, why no one to see it?"


is due to the content on the Internet is enough saturated, any industry, any one topic, it is a hot news fresh, after an hour to go, you will find the hot news "rotten Street", many platforms have, whether it is the original also false original. You will get busy, but find someone clicks, can be less than you think a lot, in the face of this situation, Xiaobian want to say, as everyone knows a has news, you copy what is so special about


in fact, nothing more than to attract users to click on the title and content, such as a "2000IP" of the title will attract us in, if you can find the content and the title is completely inconsistent, you will quickly turn off over it, this only shows that you are a "title party" – only to see the title! If you want to have an attractive point in, but not ultra fast. The research on how to write at the same time, trouble you buddies spend more time to conceive, collect and sort out your content, because the content is often determined by someone will stay.

1, the article needs to calm down,


said "I can twofor, while writing while listening to music, it sounds very tough, but that the" birth "of the people who have really appreciate? Anyway, Xiao Bian is no way to do so, because not to listen to music, my mood is not very good, they are small I don’t know what to write, not to mention those who read. I think they would feel that "the author is how, say what is ah! So small write articles, usually choose those quiet places, of course, to make yourself feel better, such as chowhound I, after a full meal is the most happy, this time writing efficiency the high Oh! Of course not all at the same time can only do one thing: ~

2, good title for attractive, good content… You know,


do not know why, Xiao Bian found that many people in the operation of the site, often only think of me as long as the drainage is enough, but this idea has caused the website conversion rate is very low, even if they come, will you turn off in ten seconds, even every day tens of thousands of websites such as IP, the value of it are very low, so your buddies do not own the website for this >

10 techniques for building high performance J2EE applications

we do want to stand to get more harvest, whether physical or mental, hope to share with everyone happy and share together into trouble, in this group, growth and other owners together is our pursuit of life. Individual novice may not be able to understand the truth, we are eager to promote your site, let the site soon grow up, sometimes ignore the feelings of others in the publicity, leading to beginners easy to make some small mistakes when doing the station.

we can see that the individual webmaster in exchange when disdain and share, so, in the virtual world, how do we face other webmasters, and how websites grow together, this is a topic that the benign development of the Internet, we need to better promote their own, but also make more friends.

, as long as we communicate diligently, we can let other webmasters see our sincerity and unite to create a good atmosphere. Here are some of the lessons learned:

1, read the article, but also to communicate with the author and find resonance;

2, often share with others, discuss and exchange ideas with each other to facilitate the development of websites;

3, website content rather less write, do not write, avoid plagiarism, with respect to the author;

4, learn to respect others, to other people’s article should be carefully analyzed, seriously replies, can not attack each other, slander, malicious curse;

5, unremittingly, often encouraged with others, out of the low mood, to sunny.

many friends in the website promotion of their site will be through the writing form to express a do stand experience and experience, but also hope that we can learn more about the website or personal, so this time we try to write the article, but I hope others can look good, give yourself some of the more practical suggestions to facilitate their growth. But most of the time we are seeing some "drifting" and "passing" and "support" and other words, the number of chilling, after all the hard to write those articles, hopefully get good advice, see this reply is, how many people sad.

in fact, looking back, we do not treat others, we are not inadvertently hurt the author, you imagine, this "drifting", so he "drifting", we "to" floating "to finally get what? What do we want others to treat yourself at the same time there is no care, to treat others? Compared to you," drifting "when considering whether to have their own need to communicate with others? If someone else" across "your article, what do you want? Not really to read the author of the article, which can be read out of the local exchange the author, heart to give comments or replies, I think it is better than the" passing "well, because of this, virtually you increase your feelings for each other, but also increase.

How many propaganda methods do the new station do

makes websites more and more easy; it’s getting harder and harder to promote websites,

because of CN domain name a dollar promotion activities, more and more Internet users to the personal webmaster truth. However, the website was built, how to advertise it? How about the website traffic? It’s becoming easier to make websites. It’s becoming more and more difficult to popularize websites, especially our new adsense. Let’s look at the experience of a new website for users. Here’s a list of some of the more useful ways you feel about it for your reference.

one, navigation website landing

for a small traffic, low visibility website, navigation website can give you more traffic than the search engine and other methods. I made statistics on my friend’s net. Recommended only to the site of the home was included in the pages of a humble place, every day to my friend’s Web site to bring about 200 of the traffic.

two, friendship connection

friendship connection can bring a stable passenger flow to a website. It also helps to rank sites like GOOGLE and other search engines.

talk about friendship connection, it is best to connect some flow higher than yourself, a well-known site. Once again, and their content complementary sites. And then similar sites, similar sites to ensure that the quality of the content of their own web site to have characteristics, and can attract people, or else not as good as similar sites. Don’t try to website appearance, especially commercial website, must be practical technology first, followed by appearance. In addition, many of my friends’ Web site, although not beautiful, and some are ugly, but it really brought them money. Ha ha, please remember this website design idea, practical first.

three, search engine landing, ranking

search engine brings more and more traffic to the website, landing now has landing, cavalry and many other software. However, the most effective or manual landing. By hand landing to the NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines have brought them a lot of traffic. Some other portals are now charging for landing, and you can choose according to your own circumstances.

Chinese search engine, currently using the most is Baidu and GOOGLE, the current two search engines have fee service, of course, there are free landing. For the toll service, choose according to your own circumstances. Baidu is 0 per click. 3 yuan. Google hits 0 per click. 5 yuan, the other Chinese search Union also has fee ranking service.

if you don’t want to pay for them and try to get a better ranking, then you need to optimize your website according to their relevant rules and make some detailed strategies. Such as Title Design, label design, content layout design and so on.

four, network advertising,

online advertising, although to spend money, but to bring traffic to the site is very objective, but how to spend the least amount of money to get the best results, this >

A grassroots Adsense Industry Station Road

B2B is the concentration of similar trading processes in a variety of industries to a place that provides a trading opportunity for the buyers and suppliers of the enterprise, such as Alibaba, China manufacturing network, global resource network, etc.. The B2B site can be divided into two categories, one is a comprehensive B2B website, such as Alibaba, such as is a kind of industry, B2B site, such as China chemical network, Chinese machine network, network era and and so on, which is also known as vertical B2B, members of the Fei Yuguang report, at present almost all B2B website the income from these two simple ways. Today we talk about the latter, the industry B2B website should be how to operate the following personal operations site experience, look at the master aimed at one of the laughter.. You tap the brick. Thank you,

in 2007 September for a set of trademanager program made a nursery industry site, when the idea is: free supply and product information to attract businesses to join. Provide some information about fees (such as buying and bidding information). Buy good space, domain name hang on the site, and then to the major search engines to submit, the latter part of the not say, basically is old growth talk, make search engine included, increase the chain, and so on.. The whole 3 months are in this state, but the effect is not ideal, many registered members still use the software mass, the same content is too much, the page similarity is too high. To make Google also closed for two months the sandbox, think carefully is a waste of time for a few months, there is no clear specific operating mode, the two did not know what other businesses, these things are tomorrow after May today, the so-called industry station is just hanging there just not essential. Mistakes must be corrected, of course.

          PHP;     first decided to start with the program, re change a set of procedures. What businesses really need? This is a question worth considering, is actually very simple, is to understand the target customers, which is the business needs in the end what website, B2B industry is a service for businesses, if you do not understand what their customers want, then such a website is enough to die one thousand times and ten thousand times. So I decided to start from the service, to help some clients to release some information, guide the customer registration, listened carefully to the views of customers to make changes to the website function, provide customers the most needed information released, offer real-time field, after these efforts finally registered amount has improved. Customer turnover is relatively high. Not long ago, the first ad was sold. And with a related industry supply business into a cooperative alliance.

personally believe that the industry should focus on doing targeted, so that customers understand your website, highlighting features, and finally able to retain customers is your reliable amount of information and your letter of service. Say so much too!

Some ideas about the status quo and future development model of SNS

              I contacted SNS early, from the early to the late Facebook hi5, the school, at home, happy, 5G, IT, new world wealth teahouse have been covered, so I wanted to put something out of the recent thinking and to share, hope we discuss each other collision of a new spark.

for foreign Facebook, hi5 as the representative of the foreign SNS, I think it is a good tool to enhance the feelings between friends, through poke, voting, regional wars, wall and other small game and you can make friends always keep this kind of relationship, and full of fun. At the same time, you can also know more strange friends, and thus expand your own network. You know, foreign online dating and domestic friends, but two concepts, according to my personal experience, 2000 of the time, online dating in foreign countries is already normal. When I think the core of this model is to promote mutual affection. Just like the relationship between the salesman and the customer, in order to maintain the relationship with the customer, he will try his best to contact the customer: birthday, dinner and so on.

and it seems that domestic SNS is hard to get rid of the influence of dating websites. Most people are trying to make new friends and develop their connections (usually with purposeful development). According to one of iResearch’s reports, the reality is that SNS users in the country are more likely to connect with the opposite sex; largely to one night, in, passion/one, night, stand. The school, at home, at home or in the 5G or IT fabric, there are such problems (the reason is very simple, look at the list of friends is heterosexual, homosexual or more). Pull further, from the dance troupe, 51, you can see what is called "Chinese characteristics of network life.".

of course I am not in the end who is the real core of SNS, SNS after all is to meet the needs of users, so to meet new friends, to carry out the night and not what is wrong, that one point one SNS must have a clear positioning, what is my purpose? If a night to exchange SNS but, said he did not Facebook or hi5, the prostitute also requires the chastity arch behavior finally can only accomplish nothing. Why did QQ succeed because he met the needs of the Chinese people, and so was SNS. (Note: I’m not encouraging you to do one night stand SNS)

community forum, topic – based SNS, a people-oriented, this is essentially different, so want to get into SNS community forums, very difficult! Chinese love lively, which many people where I go, this is why the seemingly backward foreign forum, community in the Chinese circle so fire (don’t you think you do poorly? But he is so happy to fire); but the invitation for.

Whether the education website can become the next gold mine of grass roots stationmaster

today in stationmaster net ADMIN5 see "education website showed a substantial growth trend of this article, so I want to write the webmaster and communicate with each other, according to the latest economic times reported that the first half of 2009, all the key indicators of China’s online education site showed a significant growth trend. Survey shows that the educational websites either directly or a single visitor access scale visitor interest, within half a year has significantly improved, including education, education forum, site visitors a day within the overall scale has reached more than 32 million, this number has more than 1/10 of the total number of Internet users Chinese.

I also believe that many webmaster see this article even there are also involved in education website ideas, even educational websites can become the site resource under the gold, but the gold to dig, how to eat, it seems not very suitable for all owners, especially the grassroots webmaster, though the education site has become an important force that can not be ignored in the field of Internet China. But the education website and most of the webmaster that the individual stationmaster manages now differ in be in the resource of the website itself and content. Instead of the so-called simple copy, paste, or even the so-called pseudo original, because if it is still this way of thinking, do not say that the Education station is any type of station, you can not do anything.

want to play their own brand in many educational site in their own piece of heaven and earth have no longer seems to be those who rely on access to a key transient flow control, have their own teachers, have their own educational conditions, have their own content and learning resources, now most of the education website in general are relying on their own resources and training a school based on the learning of the visitors to a small area and relevant information is far from the true nature of the network education site to use.

Although the

education website mostly online classes, study abroad, language education pattern, but now there are a large number of new education and educational institutions with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to join the market competition. From the establishment, enrollment, site layout, and even online publicity, can be completed in a short period of time. But for those of us who later is not without opportunities, because a large number of network education site only to promote the schools for the sole purpose of not making full use of the unique resource advantages of the Internet, a real site through the network of direct implementation of education teaching technique and form long-term stagnation, using only text, audio and video and other traditional the way to construct the network education platform. Therefore, the application technology used in educational sites is still in the stage of development compared with other Internet industries. However, due to the particularity of the education industry, it has also improved the threshold of entering educational websites.

although education sites and may become the Internet site of the next development hot spot, that is what we call gold mine, whether can share a point, but also to see your own reality

The present situation and future development trend of rural Internet in China

remember playing since childhood, sensible, because from childhood love to read. At that time, the kerosene lamp was still used. To hide in fear of being scolded by his father, read late into the night. Later, the implementation of the reform and opening up, and gradually improve the rural economy. Finally, we can install lights on the city people. Thus, from now on the countryside finally bid farewell to the kerosene lamp era. Read the book without having to slowly and painfully recognize the dim kerosene lamp. Later, there was a telephone; there was a city man first. Later, gradually developed into the countryside. And mobile phones are not the patents that rich people play in the city. Rural, migrant workers, and so on, can afford to play; today, China’s rural economy has undergone enormous changes. But for the Internet, in China’s rural areas, it is almost still in a vacuum.

Internet, now for city people, has long been accustomed to, and even have to or leave. It can be said that as early as ten or even decades ago, people in the city have already begun to contact and use it. But in our rural areas, it is still in the blank. It can be asserted that in the next ten years or even longer, the development of China’s rural Internet information network is still very slow and difficult to popularize. This is an important factor that restricts the development of rural economy in our country.

of course, I don’t know exactly what exactly the other places are like; I’ll just make a detailed analysis of our rural areas and my current usage situation:

1: as we all know, because of the special geographical reasons of China’s rural areas, the geographical conditions are very complex. The construction of communication network infrastructure is very difficult, and the cost of setting up network lines is relatively high. Moreover, the rural population is not concentrated. Moreover, because of the economic conditions and other factors, the popularity and utilization of Internet in the cities are not many in the cities. Therefore, relatively speaking, the investment income ratio of the telecommunications sector and other networks is unbalanced,. This is also an important factor that seriously restricts the development of rural network. Therefore, it is necessary for the state and relevant departments to increase investment in rural infrastructure.

2: maybe some people will say, since the cable network is difficult, so why not use a wireless network? Is now being vigorously development of wireless network technology? What is good, whether it is mobile, Unicom, telecom or Netcom or are in the development and popularization of wireless network infrastructure. And we do have a lot of telephones in rural areas which are wireless signal transmission methods. Generally speaking, the wireless network transmission mode is feasible in the countryside. However, due to the geographical conditions in rural areas, the use of wireless network signal transmission, signal transmission is very slow, and the data stream will be blocked at any time, interrupted phenomenon. My present is the use of Unicom CDMA control of broadband wireless internet access mode. Data transmission is so slow that it takes a long time to open a IE window, let alone transfer data files. The QQ is always disconnected, and because of the terrain, the signal is very weak. And even if the speed is so slow, the signal is so weak. >

Solutions and prospects for websites experiencing DDOS attacks

1, the event occurred

just after the Spring Festival holiday, WEB went wrong. After eating back at 1 p.m., it unlocked the desktop and checked the Web server regularly. Through the Web server performance monitoring software, the image shows the downward slide of the red curve to see the WEB problem.

in the light of the above questions, I’ll start checking the logs of the Web server right away and try to find out when the problem starts or find clues about the interruption. Just in the process of querying clues. The company’s chief operating officer (COO) told me that he had received a complaint from customers and reported no access to their website. So from the desktop in the website address, try their website access from the desktop computer, but is unable to display this page to see the news.

did not make any changes to the Web server a few days ago, nor did any changes to the Web server, and the performance problems that the server had experienced. There is nothing suspicious in the Web server’s log files, so I’ll go through the firewall logs and the router logs later. A close look at the firewall log prints out the record of the server’s problems. And filter out normal traffic and keep suspicious records. The print results are shown in the table.


Table 1 firewall log

did the same job on the router log and printed an unusual record.

Router log




, figure 1,


The two line under the heading "

IP packet sizedistribution" shows the percentage of the packet size range distribution. The content shown here shows that 98.4% of the packet size is between 33 bytes and 64 bytes (note the red mark).

parameter explanation:

The two line under the heading "

IP packet sizedistribution" shows the percentage of the packet size range distribution. The content shown here shows that 98.4% of the packet size is between 33 bytes and 64 bytes.

Protocol protocol name

Total Flows the number of information flows for this protocol since the last purge of statistics.

The average number of information flows that occur in

Flows/Sec per second, equal to the total number of seconds of the total information flow / integration time.

Packets/Flow compliance >

What kind of website content can really attract people

The most important element of

‘s success is attractive content. What kind of content is attractive? I think they should have the following six features:

one free.

something good, if you charge, people will have to think about it. If the charges are free in other places, he will leave without hesitation and will never come again. Such as movies, some common software and so on. If the charge of things is not somewhere else, or hard to find free, he will have three types: one is the hesitation, finally left; the second is immediately to Taobao to see if there is no cheaper; the last one is thinking, eventually reluctantly bought a the cheapest. However, the probability of the third cases is getting lower and lower, because there are too many free things on the Internet, and free has become an advertising language of the major websites. In this trend, if you want to swim against the stream, it is unwise. Maybe you’ll say, "if it’s all free, what do I do to make money? Don’t worry, I’ll talk about it later.")

two meets the requirements of target users

as an industry website, the definition of target users should not be difficult, but it still takes effort to clear the needs of target users, especially the deep-seated needs. What is the deep level demand? This is relative to the general demand, or the shallow demand. General requirements should include these: relevant industry trends, supply and demand information, or product introductions, ways of communicating, etc. most of these sites have, and the difference is not very large. But in the deep level demand, this kind of difference is very big. Here with the Alibaba as an example, as it launched Alipay and integrity, effective measures to service users deep-seated needs. This is the only way to think about the user’s needs, the industry environment, and the entire process. Alipay is in all honesty and in order to solve one of the most critical factors in electronic commerce transaction, that is both integrity and fairness, this demand is only after in-depth understanding and analysis, in order to come up with a feasible solution. Of course, there are more deep-seated needs for us to develop, you such as: logistics support, bank loan and investment consulting, guidance, talent flow and so on, to provide a more extensive and deeper and better service for the user, this is the fundamental industry website content.

three, unique enough.

the uniqueness here has a wide range of meanings, including the most basic positioning, art, structure, information, and some unique features. In the choice of information, we can not simply pursue many, but not pay attention to quality, because there is too much information, but there is less real value. Some information could also carry out all forms of discussion, this not only led to the participation of users, but also enhances the viscosity of the user, if the operation of the well, formed a kind of atmosphere, there are a number of hardcore fans, then your website.