The website is mainly to optimize the Shanghai dragon to the odd victory

a lot of people in the construction site at the beginning of the most concern is how to do what the content of the website, and then through what kind of way to gain profit and so on, this is a more formal website construction of the road, but if the appropriate changes, the establishment of the idea of reverse thinking, will let you take the initiative in the website the construction, such as the first consider what kind of profit model, and then combined with their ability to choose what kind of website keywords, so in the beginning of the competition, you get the opportunity!

is not posting, the top post, even some forum signature and so on, this way because a lot of people, so the competitiveness above will be a lot worse, this is the right of traditional methods, but if you do not know how the game, get a lot of high quality of the chain through the channel of his and it is difficult to compete with others, such as we can through the method of writing soft, but also through some blog chain, to get more diversified and high quality of the chain, and only those in such traditional chain construction site competition, you can easily win!

website ranking, is actually the keywords ranking, and a website main keywords are often only one or two, the one or two main keywords is the usual practice is to do a lot of work, such as the construction of the chain, such as content construction, internal chain optimization and so on, the webmaster busy awfully however, these methods are also doing other webmaster, here first to competition is the normal site keywords optimization details, such as the quality of the content of the competition, the quality of the chain competition and so on, as far as possible to overwhelm the opponent from the front!

The construction of the chain of traditional

site of the Shanghai dragon optimization has become a required course for the many webmaster, especially now the search engine has become the majority of the Internet entrance, occupied the search engine rankings, is basically to get high traffic, but when the importance of home are aware of the occupation search after the engine, Shanghai dragon optimization difficulty will be increased sharply, because competition is more intense, a lot of people spend a lot of time in accordance with the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" to the operation, but the effect is not good, the problem lies in the cruel competition, if you do not know the game, there is no way to occupy the highest point, just as the two armies confront each other, must be combined with the odd surprise, can beat the competition for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization Say, should also be the case, the author will focus on analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do surprise!

: the construction site should be combined with the odd


but as far as I know, it is hard to through the positive and competitors have become, so still want some surprise, and this is the singular point, from the long tail off "

two: construction site outside the chain to the odd combination of

Wang Peng the importance of the site optimization site outside the chain

according to the correct way to do, find a lot of high quality, correlation, widely degrees outside of the chain. Of course, this high quality of the chain the more the better, but the high quality of the chain of network optimization what what importance? I will talk about my understanding of the emperor for foreign chains, and opinions on the site outside the chain site optimization some constructive.

website optimization and outside the shop to do business, for example, we open a shop selling children’s toys, will consider many factors, such as store location, store decoration layout and children love some of the layout and so on, is tantamount to a web site, a store location is a chain the site, chain layout of the store layout is equal to a web site, children’s toy store is a site, so we explain is clear, some people may also have some confusion, here for everyone to talk about their mutual relationship, we choose a toy store location some people in the relevant and attract them to the store, and the store layout layout directly and let them find the relevant categories of things, a convenient choice Rapid turnover. As the content is needless to say, most of the toy store is certainly a toy, something content can be their consumer desire to buy. Of course, the relationship between the toy shop and a website here may not clear, did not understand the importance of the site outside the chain, site optimization imagine, if choose the location of the shop (also is the site of the chain), we tend to put their toys store opened in a relatively remote place (deserted choose the chain address), so whether you toy a lot cheaper, the layout of how creative (site more beautiful much more attractive), I can not have too many sales. (corresponding to the site will not have too much traffic, the social people love) is simple and quick the way of life, think of who would go so far to buy a toy toy store, estimated after a few days will be announced closed! Therefore found that many of the toy store will open in some busy street community high traffic. Because of this, "

In fact,

in fact we do things is to grab the key thing, doing so is network optimization. We need to understand the importance of the chain website of website optimization, then we have to do this, we must have a clear goal, it will be more convenient to simple, site optimization results will also be good nature.

site outside the chain for the website optimization Shanghai dragon how important you understand how much, now a lot of people know the website optimization, need to know related keywords and chain content and so on, but the chain for the website optimization Shanghai dragon how important it? Of course certainly is very important, most of the webmaster know the content of Shanghai dragon is king, the chain for the emperor of the truth, but many people hold that it is not very important, as long as the optimization on the line, do next is a lot of garbage on the chain link and the factory outside the chain, and no one to play, finally the effect is very small.

The remaining traffic on Youku intercept with the long tail words

yesterday I have sex in Shanghai know, there are people who look for the "new bride with white hair" episode of the lyrics, I immediately click "new bride with white hair" until the episode that position read, really good songs, with a very touching scene, listening to what will be left in the in my mind "we agreed not to break up." so I love Shanghai in the search, found a drop-down box, find the correct lyrics should be "not agreed not to break up these two words to do next. The effect is very good. To avoid the Red Sea from the competition, according to the user’s psychological needs to find them, then we learn Shanghai Dragon technology, can also get good rankings and flow.

a lot of people know that I made such a site, but the site really rely on main keywords to traffic is very bad, because a lot of Related words are ranked in the first site to cut off, but I’m back every day about 2500 from the natural love of Shanghai over the flow of no use any other means of drainage. Hope this simple sharing can let you have a new understanding of the Shanghai dragon interception.

open Youku list we all know that the recent hit TV series "the new bride with white hair", I intercepted traffic and there is no direct relationship between "the bride with white hair", because the word competition is too big, the high weight of the video platform how to do can not exceed the home page. I intercepted traffic is two words "is not to say that don’t break up", "we never say good bye" we can love Shanghai search under the two words, you can see on the front page of the website. The post is not for 24 hours, has been through the Shanghai love to get a more than 100 IP.

recently in addition to the new bride with white hair "fire, and William Feng also Tai Chi fire, the keyword index also brings up Tai Chi, but from the word I Tai Chi and no increase in traffic, because the word I love Shanghai in second, after I saw the trailer master the funny, made a post, the interception of traffic. You can search "Shanghai love an idiot to become a master, I can see the website ranking on the home page of the post, because of the large master at the beginning of the first sentence is the lines, I laugh hard, I believe many people will.

nice to share with you. Today we talk about how to use the popular film of the Shanghai dragon quickly intercept traffic. As long as the people on the Internet, basically will focus on this video, a popular video content often can browse millions of breakthrough single day, even if the good soft Wen also cannot be equalled, so I put the focus on the research direction of video marketing, marketing and marketing quiz this one. Seize the popular television, as long as every day we capture 1/1000 traffic, you can get the amount of good results. Of course, not let you add watermark directly upload video, do not let you edit the video. What is the specific case we see the effect.

Website domain name hijacking solution

most of the time our site is under attack is inevitable, since we do not have the ability to stop the attack, then we can choose some of the more powerful server and domain name providers help me do security defense, in the face after the attacks do not panic, do not be surprised that can really make the Shanghai dragon to the job! To truly become a qualified webmaster

the first thing to mention is the site right down, down the right site is not our own man-made, there may be competitors because of attack and trap. The definition and the domain name hijacking said today is: the domain name hijacking pan analytical to steal your personal information users to modify your website, increase the number of new IP in the domain name above you, produce a lot of garbage pages that the users can not access at all to your real page to your web site right down, keywords ranking vanish overnight

station chief in Shanghai dragon in this one industry, there is a problem encountered domain name hijacking like this, many owners in the face of your domain has been hijacked, generating a lot of junk page. Resulting in serious drop right on their website. A lot of standing in my heart will feel wronged, because the domain name hijacking is not their own want to meet, today Xiaobian to treat the domain name how to calm you on the next hijacking this phenomenon.


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


then how to deal with this phenomenon? Small simple it is divided into three steps:


see the site as a whole is the code changes, then the last step is to solve the domain name hijacking, inspected on their website, so as to be completely clear garbage page, ensure the safety of the web site.

!Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


Whether it is new or old

report a lot of junk pages, because our webmaster heart is clear, the junk page will become our website links. So we need to put these links are resolved, we write the contents of the report page in the site is malicious pan analytic can, good is love Shanghai will prompt attention to your site to help you to delete a large number of bad situation could we put those pages to report spam one off.

The second step:

in the chain optimization optimization topics: methods and skills in the chain can best enhance > deployment site weight

! The third step:

first step: close the pan analytic domain name, account number and password management, we must have the domain name, otherwise only through the domain name service provider’s customer service to solve, of course, behind a way to compare a waste of time. After entering the domain management background you can click on our domain name found with * DNS number, can be deleted.

Let free weight analysis 1-10 page links to you top Shanghai dragon linkbait case


linkbait step 1: create a unique slide, free to let people download

link bait is simply refers to the creation of useful, interesting and attractive content, in order to attract other webmasters, the blogger’s attention, generate external links.

demo address: 贵族宝贝

link bait, in the construction of the external links in Shanghai dragon became the focus of a new round of. Search engine optimization experts to rely on content to attract incoming links from the interesting name: linkbait (Link Baiting).



Step 2: !

free high weight web page links to my


some people will ask, how to write in September 18, 2009, now is not 2013/5/6? On this website, in fact I was first analysis is in 2009-9-18, but I have a detailed analysis of the content on your computer inside the store down, not just announced, today I saw today, I decided to share for everyone.

what is linkbait

linkbait step 3: waiting for the harvest, we can now present the best use of the reverse link check trees love station website backlinks, it brings those high weight Web links he

P R:8

(reverse link data source: 贵族宝贝>

What can be done to make

analysis website: 贵族宝贝

linkbait to industry forum to post propaganda, let more people to download free use, expand the marketing power of

do not need to pay any money, the use of advanced link bait let those weights 1 times larger than you, 2 times, 3 times or even 4 times more than your home! Some people might say that Zhang Xincong teacher, bragging! How could there be such a good thing? I below for you a crack inside the secret of


analysis: 2009-9-18

) How

detailed steps of the ancient link bait



is to provide free value to users, to attract people to help you create a link to

(the most popular online FLASH focus graphic slides, which can support the jpg.gif.png.swf file

A simple understanding of

Love Shanghai Site optimization done you calm it

we all know, if you want to improve a site for IP and PV, and improve the site from search engine traffic, the content of the website so it must have high quality. Only the high quality of the content of the website, in order to attract users, in order to attract search engine. Because our Shanghai dragon and editor at work, should stand in the user’s point of view, what is the user need? How to give the user more help? How to provide users with high quality, originality, strong correlation! Remember the first rule of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, content is king.


1, provide high quality content

in the future we will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. I’m very sorry

we look at our Shanghai dragon Er encountered such a situation is what

! everyone!Our

2, the first time encountered such a situation, is not poisoned?

1, wild speculation, should be the website used to have your web site outside of the chain.

2, powerful, stable and high quality.

3, Shanghai love to menstruation.

love Shanghai site anomaly, site results appear in others sites, caused widespread discussion in various forums, each big QQ group. Public opinions are divergent. our views, but overall summary is almost more than 3 cases.

from the site event and the 520 event shortly before we can see a large part of the webmaster is not calm, if there is some abnormal kudiehanniang, everywhere scold love sea like cheating. Instead of using the tool into Shanghai Longfeng analysis, summarizes and reconsiders, improve the user experience of the website, for the sake of users. Because no matter how love Shanghai algorithm is to improve the user experience in the first place, individual owners should also be in line with this idea to promote your website optimization.

the truth how? With the network discussion and suspicion more and more love Shanghai club owners also submitted the relevant problems. Until June 27th, Lee in the club owners for this event made the official response: (I quote Lee

system yesterday in the update process more out of the situation, leading to site query syntax namely numerical site:xxx贵族宝贝 returns is not. Expected next Monday (June 27th) to restore normal site search service.


recently, since about June 23, 2011, a lot of friends in their own website site. Found a strange question, is the other sites after the domain name site. The incident has caused the extensive discussion on the network.

To improve the conversion rate for the promotion of the optimization objectives are doing

today, we do optimization promotion network marketing is becoming more and more online shopping mall, the enterprises to carry out network marketing is to promote the sale of your product, for this type of website, in addition to do website ranking promotion bring traffic to the site, the conversion rate is also very important, if there are 1000 traffic on our website every day, but the conversion rate is 1%, then every day only 10 people to buy our products on the site, if we say that the conversion rate of some work on the site, the conversion rate increased to 10%, then ten customers need only 100 flow, and when we have 1000 traffic will be transformed 100 effective customers, therefore, is necessary to improve the site conversion rate is, the author will introduce several methods to improve the site conversion rate .

said the site layout belongs to the external beauty mentioned above, when when the user visits the site of the page design, the first one to see the site, then the content on the website, so in order to keep the user first need in website design efforts, not too shabby, many users when visiting the web site the first impression is very important, if a site in front of everyone is a disorder of layout page, then the user will not have any website of natural affection, basically will immediately leave the site, don’t go to tube website have what he wants.

Secondly, the site layout should be reasonable

website space how often will also affect the site conversion rate, we all know that we have always stressed that the website should have a good space, web site space to suck directly determines the user can come to your website, and open the site needs a long period of time, and when the site appears not open or open slowly when the situation will hinder users to our website, and lost a lot of the target users, affect the conversion rate of the site, "


The quality of

first, the quality of website content must be excellent

third, the website loading speed

when we evaluate a person’s inner often is the most important, surface, the site is actually like this, a lot of people feel good as long as the site can bring traffic to the site, the site in the design of appearance can attract a lot of traffic, like a beautiful woman can bring a lot of back rate, however. These are just the surface of things, to truly understand a website one from the internal start, for man is man’s self-cultivation, moral character, for the website is the website content, high quality content often can really the whole site to the next level, let users everywhere website charm, see website the original content, elegant style and unique views, many users will indulge them, can also help users To solve many difficulties, slowly will love this website, accept this website, so the conversion rate will be nothing difficult.

Optimization of a boat floating in the sea

The second step:


The first step of

in the summer of 2012, just over a year’s network administrator, in a chance to get to the interview, a network company, I entered the optimization of this industry, when going to the interview, the boss said to do sales or technology, I thought to do more easy point. Now that technology is more miserable. Last summer, love Shanghai has not yet hit Scindapsus update algorithm, link the sale. Love Shanghai has no strict rules for the transfer of Links weights, then the optimization is relatively rigid. After careful reading teaching video more than 2 G. Every night in search learning forum. I have entered this industry. To be honest people. With irresistible attraction for new things. I am no exception, just contact optimization I was deeply attracted by the. Find the original search engine there is so much knowledge inside. From the beginning to fall in love with Haicha will only use the information to check web site, now how to maximise their information by more people to check. How to make your own website ranking in nature (so called snapshot ranking has a better ranking.). There are a lot of things I have learned.

The fourth step:

forum outside the chain of construction

we would ask me now of what is this? This is why I want to say that I think the optimization is the case, then the death is indeed optimal ah do general grassroots webmaster, general rookie will rigid doing the same work, doing the same thing every day. Optimization feel boring ah. A means No. I had also felt, even for a period of time I think diverted to programmers. Do different websites every day, do a different template. Study on different website style than the very dull Shanghai dragon to strong ah. I think the idea is really quite funny. Of course, after 1 and a half years of precipitation, I have accumulated a lot of experience. I have learned a lot of knowledge. In Shanghai dragon.

Objective: many people do optimization is not easy. It is easy for beginners to learn and hard to optimize. As in the industry for more than 2 years of people. I have the experience deeply. Today the sun bathed. Take you into my view for the optimization, optimization of my experience, optimize the industry also called Shanghai Longfeng, general optimization people say that they do love Shanghai Longfeng, feel a sudden high grade the domineering. Do the optimization suddenly feel good grass root. My experience can be said to be just graduated from a grass root mature slowly, below I will explain to you my optimization experience. First of all I see I have a website ranking has been very stable.

when I can think optimization is the three step:

Links the exchange

: set up the website keywords, title, description

news update

The third step:

Improve the site rankings do internal optimization should pay attention to four points

, in a word, the template has nothing to do with us and we need all the things are removed or changed into our own website, must do the best to optimize the website template, this post on our website ranking is to have a great influence.

four, the website chain

to improve the site’s ranking, the overall layout of the site is also very important, including URL and H tag, in the webmaster encyclopedia website URL do try to simplify, don’t move too complicated and too; for the H label site, we all know that the H tag is H1 to H6. But only H1 and H2 of the highest weight, so we have to insert our website keywords in H1 and H2, and also should be clear, try to use only a H1 tag.

on the site to see so much about web site optimization article, most are external website optimization, in fact, for the ranking of a website, its internal optimization is very important, a good "temperament", the appearance will be better. But, I have to talk about a few internal web site optimization should pay attention to the point of my summary:

website, the search engine spiders will come to our website to capture content, but it is a little bit from the crawl. If in front of our website there are too many words and code, it will improve the search engine to crawl content difficulty and waste of time, so the search engine will not love.

‘s website is the function of the each page of our website will link up. So, in the chain of the site must be.



Inside website codeWhen we do the

to do a website, every webmaster are thinking about how to improve it in the computer rankings, which is why we keep the day and night. However, a method to enhance the website ranking is varied, generally can be divided into "internal optimization" and "external optimization" two categories.

two, URL, H tags

so, we must do in the station, the site of the code to do the simplest to alleviate the burden of difficulty and search spiders crawl, but also help us to the front of the site of the most important content on the site, to let people browse one can see the point of our site, use the user experience has also been further improved.

with more and more people do online, there are also many free templates can be available for us, but this does not mean that we can put them wholly intact to take over the use, we should find in it the most suitable, then alter. When we want to find some links and advertising templates, the template, can be removed to be completely removed, one does not leave it, if there is a link on the site, then we must also change your links.

, a website template

To enhance the user experience of the formula rich content + Q + active user convenience

to enhance user activity, what is the best way? Yes, that is the interaction with the user. Q plate is one of the most typical interactive plate. Now many websites will set up a Q & a plate, but the plate is often useless, because there is no one to ask questions, so instead of wasting the plate, as well as a good use, put the plate active.


: the first rich content

second: active


to enhance the user experience?The

a website to consider numerous, the user experience is one of the most important. Now love Shanghai in the continuous rectification of low quality website also reflects we must vigorously promote their website user experience. But the user experience is a very unreal concept, we should take what to do or what

now users are increasingly sharp eyed, their uniform text for websites that are no longer interested, so rich in content is our imperative thing. How to enrich the content? That is the use of video graphic methods to make a living. As the author now runs a food website, every time add content, the author will insert the appropriate one or two pairs of pictures, let it become more exciting, as shown below:

to enhance the user experience, it is necessary to improve the website content, this is the question of why a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but the author also put forward a formula which elements? Because without him, it is because more and more people advocate, improve the content is to increase the original, as long as the increase of the original can enhance the user experience. For this kind of statement, the author is denied. The original is a very simple thing, you want to make a love Shanghai not included Martian, it is original, but meaningless. In the eyes of the author, to enhance the user experience, the original is not the most important, the most important is the richness of the content.


this year experienced numerous K station and right down, feeling the user experience of this piece is deep, is simple to construct a virtual can effectively enhance the user experience in today’s era of formula: rich content + Q + active user convenience. Now I want to take this formula and share, and hope to get criticism and advice from god.

therefore, here I advise you, and spend more time writing a great quality of the original, as well as a pseudo original, and then insert the picture or video to enrich the content, so make the content will be more in line with the user experience.

you may ask, no one to ask questions, and how to make it active? I will tell you the answer, is one of the best ways, the author now operates the food station, is taken in this way, the question and answer the following: