Shop purchase carey

for any entity shop, the purchase is a very important job. Only to do this work in place, will be helpful to the management of the latter part of the store, the possibility of earning wealth will be higher. Has been to provide me with a small food supply dealers in this dealer, because other dealers pay generous and defected to the arms of others".

when the clerk for new dealers to run the market, first came to my shop: "tell the boss, I now have left that dealer before, now the dealer of small food is also very complete, price concessions, you see whether to fill what goods today?" To tell the truth, the consumer has become a habit, although the former salesman, but into the other goods, the heart can not help but feel a little.

salesman to see me undaunted, smiled and said: "your family has been selling Snickers chocolate good, we are now the dealers also have, the price is also cheaper than the previous 2 yuan, and the purchase price of Dove chocolate than before the cheapest 1 yuan a box". One or two yuan looks very inconspicuous, but for small businesses can not count the ways, perennial accumulated is a very objective number. So I promised sales advanced goods to try, if I will not purchase cost, with her, she is great!

when the salesman suggested that several of my best-selling varieties of goods, delivery staff sent, I carey look at the comparison, and then know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The whole box is really Snickers than before the cheap 2 yuan a box, but the number of the less than the previous two, our retail store is a 2 yuan, compared to the box the box is now Snickers cheap 2 yuan, but according to our retail is expensive 2 yuan, wanted to get a little cheaper, but did not think of to other loopholes into a box of Snickers will spend 2 yuan; look at Dove chocolate seemingly cheap one yuan, but long date.

is the same as the sale of small food, why people can not only dealers hired a high salary, but also to sell goods at low prices? For this reason, we need to be cautious in the purchase of the owner, the same commodity is not the same price, then the business in which it will be hidden trick, in order to confuse our eyes.

originally wanted to account for these small cheap, want to save some of the cost of purchase, but I do not know, the cost is actually higher. Thus, we can not be purchased at the expense of two words and lost the direction of the boss to remind you: make money is not easy, need to be cautious purchase"!

The whole process to join the ruthless spicy

do you know what it is? This is a well-known food and beverage brands in Chongqing, may guess it must be a Chongqing hot pot brand name. But no, you might think that this should be the name of a small Chongqing brand. But Xiao Bian or shake his head. This is a comprehensive food and beverage brands, hot pot noodles have. Then follow the small series to understand the brand!

Chongqing is one of the birthplace of hot pot, and the hot pot of this diet culture. In March 2007, Chongqing was awarded the title of "Chinese hotpot capital" by the Chinese cuisine association. Especially in folk customs, Chongqing Hot pot presents a harmonious and dripping earned compatibility of the scene and psychological feelings, create a "get together with one heart and share the fun" culture.

Study on

Chongqing to focus more on the "taste", and spicy Kyo, creating many world-famous delicacy. The modern metropolis Chongqing to "taste" as the honor, on the tip of the tongue Chinese particularly recommended "Chongqing Hot pot", "Chongqing small noodles". With the Chongqing Hot pot from the raw material, the soup cooking techniques, the pursuit of spicy delicious, difference, differences in the sum, so that the meat and grain, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crisp cotton rotten, fragrance and mellow wonderful together. Chongqing spicy hot pot is old in this cultural atmosphere.

Chongqing golden rice Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, a vibrant, creative catering team. The spirit of "good quality, good ideas, good experience of" business "three principles", focus on quality and innovation of traditional food and brand innovation, young, fashion, international is committed to leading and practice Chinese catering.

‘s two big gold projects spicy spicy old Chongqing hot pot, spicy ruthless Chongqing small face do not shout bigger and stronger development slogan, because it is not the sole criterion for judging the excellence. Spicy relentless dedication to the youth of literature and feelings, committed to the attitude of personality expression, committed to the experience of high-quality food and beverage projects, is committed to becoming a small and beautiful personality of the enterprise.

spicy heartless how to join? Spicy ruthless join process description:

the first step: the two sides through the , telephone communication, a preliminary understanding of the project model and related policies;

second step: investors to the headquarters of the product, the company’s status of field visits, after the approval of the agreement signed intent;

the third step: investors looking for venues, the venue for the application, the company sent professionals to conduct field assessment;

fourth steps: the headquarters of the city’s dining space, alternative venues, competitive conditions, and submit the site inspection report, investment can be

After 90 college students when the goose boss to achieve entrepreneurial dream

90 students entrepreneurial path seems to come earlier, the domestic business environment continues to improve, entrepreneurship policy in China has been improved, so many college students have joined the business in the army.

last month, the Ministry of Education issued "allow harbor" the new deal, the 90 of start-ups a gate. In the "Internet business" and "cross-border restructuring" is becoming the mainstream today, young people is another way to "goose", stem from the seemingly old-fashioned farming. Agricultural College, 90 students Xie Yunhao, "jump" and then return to the "farm gate", to their own professional expertise and rich neighbors together.

20 acres of new woodland smell recycling business opportunities

"this year raised 2000 tests, 10 moon bar, the dozens of weight is not standard, so continue to keep." With a bamboo pole at geese Xie Yunhao said. Last month, he and his team at the Beijing city college students entrepreneurship design contest first prize trophy. Entrepreneurship first year to achieve profitability, but also one of the reasons to move the judges.

90 students why home goose? Also from this year’s 200 thousand acres of forest land in Beijing. According to the Beijing garden Bureau data, in 2014 the new about 200000 acres of woodland, mainly around the city to vacate the demolition of the existing land, sandy land, waste ponds, towns, corners of South to North Water Diversion Project and other key water source protection area planting. Xie home where the village is located in the South six ring, just in the vicinity of the green belt near the road, a year, his house is also more than more than and 400 acres of forest land behind the house of more than second acres.

2014 in spring and summer, but also on the second weekend pass by Xie Yunhao forest, see the busy raising forest workers, "so large by manual weeding, the efficiency is not high and the grass waste, there is no way to use it?" Lenovo has just completed the forest under the viability of the report, the young man feasible into action".

10 million small companies settled in science and technology park to learn entrepreneurship two

woodland chicken, duck, why eyeing the geese? Animal medical knowledge Xie learned comes in handy: geese short, strong hypertrophy; forest litter food

Australia prawns known separator Nandi witty fisherman

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The successful operation of a high quality home textile stores which factors – the whole

home textile products to get people’s attention, because the eyes of consumers, only the quality of textile products to get people love, so many people see only the quality of textile products, there will be a market.

1. regional factor

many investors consider doing textile, but to their city or settle on the market without understanding, in handpicked after setting a brand, but has been found to consult the franchisee, can not do. It is recommended that investors now want to open home Hometextile store, you have to know something about the location of the home textile market, the local climate for what products? The consumption level? What style is popular? By understanding these problems, you can be the target brand to a certain narrow range, convenient for your selection.

2. training services

is not all want to do home textile brand stores have the relevant experience of investors, so want to run well, brand training services are also more important. For example, to provide a series of support and service from store display to training advice.

3. product

textile shop is the most important product, because even if the store can attract consumers into the store, but she eventually decided whether to buy or products, so investors in the choice of brands can also choose to proceed from products.

operates a home textile stores, people will pay attention to the details, to what kind of products to attract consumers, get people’s attention, and how to make their home textile stores larger business related issues.

College graduation season to raise the success rate of college students to raise attention

now look at the space news, many college graduate students in the sense of graduation season has finally arrived, but the work or entrepreneurship is a problem for college graduates to choose. The success rate of college students is not high, so how to effectively reduce the failure rate of college students?

1  have a complete business plan

2  must have a sound capital operation plan

funds as the enterprise of food, to ensure food business every day, not hungry, just want to make careful plans for capital operation. At the beginning of the enterprise, be sure to do a good job 3 months or more funds to prepare for the forecast period.

3  create a good atmosphere for yourself

students due to the lack of social experience and business experience, if put yourself into the overall commercial society, often difficult to grasp. Then you can give yourself to create a small business atmosphere, to enter the industry association is a more effective way. Entrepreneurs can use industry associations to understand the industry information, get to know the industry partners, the establishment of a wide range of cooperation, to promote their position and influence in the industry.

4  from personal experience to build team

Hangzhou entrepreneurial eight to become the first entrepreneurial success rate can not be ignored

for some first-time entrepreneurs, people tend to think that they are less likely to succeed in business, but the recent emergence of a group of survey results, but a lot of people to overthrow the idea.

in March 2014 to July in Hangzhou City, the establishment of new Small and micro businesses and self-employed households survival and growth situation and the difficulties faced, Hangzhou investigation team from the 849 newly established Small and micro businesses and self-employed households were monitored.


the investigation and monitoring, in the normal business of 479 newly established Small and micro businesses and self-employed households in the two quarter of 2015, the final average assets of 1 million 850 thousand and 900 yuan, an increase of 126 thousand yuan over the end of the first quarter of 2015.

When asked about the

however, although the overall operating conditions of business units is stable, but the financing problem still exists. Survey shows that in the two quarter of this year, in the financing needs of the 65 units, there are no access to financing 48".

In fact, the Hangzhou


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Dessert shop how to make more money

with the development of economy, people are more and more willing to spend money on eating, and thus promote the development of the catering industry. Desserts are very popular now, some people want to open their own dessert shop, in order to make more money, master the management skills is very important. So how do you make more money?

dessert market continues to expand, people love to eat dessert, open a dessert chain stores will be able to make money, so many entrepreneurs are willing to choose this project. However, a good market does not mean that any one project can be successful, in order to expand the reputation of the franchise, the distribution of leaflets is a very good method, but also very common.

restaurant chain stores, environmental health is very important, if the franchise store is not clean, not health, who dare to eat this stuff? When operating dessert chain stores, franchise stores and health must be good, keep a good environment, give the customer a good impression, so will encourage consumers to self consumption.

All local

owned a dessert shop to get a good income through the project, but any products left consumers cannot get a good income, at this point, whether it is the taste or quality dessert to fully cater to consumers. In order to survive in the fierce competition, the product must be attractive enough.

through the analysis of the above business skills, I believe we have learned how to operate a dessert shop, right? In the face of the fiery market, I hope everyone can identify business opportunities, master the right skills, the success of the dessert shop, in order to achieve personal dreams. If you want to open your own shop, take action.

Four determinants of entrepreneurial success

the road of entrepreneurship risk, is not a good way to go, in order to achieve success, we must pay attention to more details, here Xiaobian to introduce you to four determines the success factors, we hope to be able to help your business!

1. keep healthy

this is the most fundamental point, it should be said is very important, is actually not too seriously, but there is an old saying in Chinese, called "the body is the capital of revolution", for entrepreneurs is even more so, entrepreneurs not only to withstand the mental suffering, but also spend too much energy in therefore, more should know how to make their own physical stamina to maintain energy.

often many entrepreneurs do not pay too much attention to their own health, in fact, if you do not have a healthy body, even create more money is of no avail, so health is more important.

2. dare to say "no"".

3. execution.

4. time management.

A kind of marketing tactics

with the popularity of online shopping, buy more and more popular market, detonated opportunities to win a lot of more and more consumers like to win more and more sought after by consumers. Buy this thing, now very fire. Domestic buy site is said to have reached the "thousand regiment war" degree. So, how to understand the group buying boom? Below, small make up for you to take the interpretation of a group of marketing tactics!

has a recently published weekly magazine editor in the title page is a surprise in a group purchase website wrote: × × online sales, the first hour, sold 90 copies; the first day sales of 4288 copies; third day group purchase ended, a total of 7311 people subscribe to its annual journal more than 90% of them are the first subscription.

the first point is the group purchase sales, for the organization, is only the beginning of sales. For example, the hotel can use a dish of extremely low price and free to attract customers, but in general, after the arrival of more diners always point dishes, the consumption behavior of re sale, is worth a group purchase.