also met the U.S. Agency strongly bearish report shares plunged 6%

Sina Financial News Beijing time 29 evening news, the concept stocks (VIPS) on Friday opened that rapid decline, when the heaviest decline over 6%. Before the independent research institutions in the United States: Mithra attestation company once again issued a strong bearish report, believes that there are a lot of misleading the market behavior, to maintain a "strong sell rating and target price of 2.75 U.S. dollars.

The Research Report screenshot Mithra

Mithra Research Report of some screenshots of 23:20 Beijing time, shares fell 88 cents, or 3.47%, to $24.50. This price is still significantly higher than the $2.75 target price set by Mithra. Mithra also disclosed that in short stock. read more

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Enterprises to carry out network marketing, the immortal password

with the development of the Internet, network marketing has gradually matured, the early business, is to build a website and build a website. Because other companies have a website, but also because of their business partners have a website and build a website. These are belong to the development of foreign trade enterprises, they have done a considerable investment in this era. Today, the continuous increase in the number of Internet users, network marketing, will play an increasingly important role in promoting the market, because the market continues to grow, so, how should the enterprises to expand sales through the network marketing read more

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Domestic buy site first venture

daily news (intern reporter Yang Anqi) has not been optimistic about the industry to buy the network has won the favor of investors. Yesterday, there was news that a group called handle network to complete the A round of financing, three financing funds totaled $5 million, and has been credited to the account.

it is understood that the financing from the handle line online less than 3 months. Analysys International Statistics, the current domestic group purchase website is about 400, but the group purchase website is not to be optimistic about the industry. Former president of Google Greater China, said Li Kaifu, buy site is easy to imitate, low profit margins, it is difficult to have a repeat of the three factors restricting the development of the domestic buy site. read more

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Do not engage in the domain name investment

from the beginning of 2001, I have been 7 years of personal website career, a lot of things are hard to forget, which is one of the domain name investment experience. May be a lot of new domain name investors will always be some domain name investment myth flicker: for example, domain name China made millions, tens of millions, Cai Wensheng engage in investment domain of the home and so on and so on the story, but I would like to advise you, cherish the money, do not engage in investment domain. read more

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1 shop officially launched in Beijing fresh channel No. 1 fresh

yesterday 1 shop fresh category was officially launched in Beijing, operating channel named "fresh number 1". According to Guo Dongdong, vice president of store 1, said the current number of stores in Beijing’s fresh business in full use of the strategic partner of WAL-MART’s supply chain, and sales will use self mode 1.

Guo Dongdong said fresh for traditional retail and electricity providers, is a very important strategic category. Therefore, following the introduction of fresh business in Shanghai, the company began brewing Beijing fresh market layout, "the line in Beijing fruits, fruit species are screened out on the basis of sales in Shanghai." read more

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The Jingdong will start early 11 with 250 double crowdsourced capacity added logistics

Jingdong senior vice president Xu Lei

sina science and technology news on October 18th afternoon news, held in the afternoon of Jingdong 11.11 media communication conference, Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong at the scene announced the Jingdong’s marketing plan for the double 11. It is understood that this year 11, the Jingdong’s promotion will open in advance to November 1st, and in 11 during the double for the first time the introduction of intelligent robot robot robot equipment, warehouse, sorting center two automation equipment will be officially opened in eleven during the double. read more

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Sales increase of over Tmall search power 11 winner pairs Dixon

last week, with 91 billion 217 million yuan turnover volume, the world double 11 big promotion electricity supplier ended. Mobile phone, Tmall double 11 a year from the implementation of the 1 million 890 thousand to 3 million 130 thousand growth, an increase of 65%, the global carnival is over, another data show that the famous mobile phone sales enterprise Dixon, November 11th all day long the mobile phone sales increased 1 times more than the same period last year, while sales increased by 210% how to use the double eleven Dixon, achieve sales blowout, can not help but feel curious. read more

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Micro business spokesman betrayed micro business! Chen Yuxin said it would face the problem

August 24th media reports, the day before, just announced the completion of the A round of financing very enjoy science and technology founder Chen Yuxin micro business out in a public speech on the 21 day, there are five major pain points criticized the derivative, and each pain point is closely related with the derivative agent mode current.

it is understood that Chen Yuxin and Han beam micro CEO, he creates a new micro business platform in early 2015 very enjoy, and completed the first round of financing in August this year, the valuation of up to 1 billion 200 million. According to informed sources, the platform is a combination of most enjoy the advantage of traditional channels and Internet channels, business at the end of the three channel patterns, the construction of the next generation platform type commercial channel stable region penetration, effective incentives, genuine security and social marketing based on.. The shouting of the business is my best brand ideal, but also many people think that is the most conscientious micro business platform. While Chen Yuxin was in less than a year will build a Han beam derivative first brand performance also let a lot of people in the industry optimistic about the platform. read more

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Against Jingdong and Suning Gome online push one day three send

NetEase science and technology news March 25th news, the United States online users in Beijing for the launch of the expensive to lose, one day three to send, as well as VIP regularly send and other initiatives. Gome online hopes to consolidate the online shopping market in Beijing in this area, especially the large home appliances online shopping market.

, according to the United States online aspects of the introduction, the regional war is mainly aimed at consumers in the region of Beijing, who found other electricity supplier with the lower prices of goods, the United States will double the online compensation difference. At the same time, the United States online distribution service but also the first all electric "one day Sanda", the delivery staff and users agreed delivery time, such as arrival later than the appointed time, every single payment consumer 200 yuan. read more

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Is it difficult to register a good domain name

success is the sea, I am the stone. Maybe more than one input more time down, but I believe that as long as the investment does not stop, will one day be seen over

!I am a farmer

, junior high school culture as a soldier, put off stall, did sell, did toil experienced groundless talk, thirty years of age also accomplish nothing. Some people will say that you blame who? Yes, no one can blame, the road is their own, but everyone is different way to go!

return to the topic, recently suddenly want to do a normal station, because before doing a few trash, garbage is not called back, there is no clear profit model, mainly by the union dinner that, due to the GG account is K so I lost $more than 2 thousand and 600 in the account, and I believe that there is the same encounter webmaster can experience my mood at that time! After thinking a few days, I was finally ready to start up my dream this time can not stand the network, in the garbage, even my garbage station being a good site of PR5 IP10000+ but I still decided to make a station, re registered the domain name read more

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Interview Ma Ali how to help U.S. exporters connect China

[Abstract] Ma believes that China has a huge demand for overseas goods, Ali will help European and American companies to sell products to china.

Tencent science and technology news November 4th, Alibaba group in September this year, the U.S. stock market successfully listed, but also to the founder of the company Ma Yuncheng for China’s richest man. Alibaba group not only set off a revolution in China’s retail industry, but also involved in financial services. Today, the Alibaba group also tried to reached the mobile technology, entertainment and sports field. "The Wall Street journal" reporter Denis · Behrman (Dennis K. Berman) on the day before Ma had an exclusive interview, talked about a series of problems of Alipay and apple mobile payment service Apple Pay possible cooperation etc.. The following is a summary of the interview: read more

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Analysis of online ordering cake industry

with the rapid development of China’s flower industry in recent years, the domestic flower shop has reached more than 2.9. As an important circulation of flower industry in the flower industry, flower industry system began to play a more important role. Since more than and 10 years ago, the florist industry rise to now, industry characteristics of the florist industry easy access to make some people blind intervention, so that in some areas, the shop open too. Low level, disorderly competition between each other, leading to the core competition of the flower shop into a "price factor". For the flower industry in the local health development has brought many obstacles. The cause is: now our country’s flower production lack of commercial operation mechanism enough, due to the limitation of the understanding of the consumer market information sources, resulting in excess production parts of products, and a personalized merchandise or services are in short supply, not enough variety of products or services available, the retailer is too concentrated in a single the product or service mode in the field, is the main problem in the flower industry in. How can we change this situation? read more

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Shanxi time-honored enterprises domain name cybersquatting suffered misfortune

East Lake, Yi Yuan Qing, liuweizhai…… These local brands are now suffering for having heard it many times, "people have registered the domain name" bad luck, their survival status is threatened, have to spend money to buy back. At present, this phenomenon has aroused the attention of the provincial capital business management department.

due to lack of understanding of the electronic domain name domain name protection is weak, time-honored enterprises in this province have been registered. "Shanxi aged vinegar", "East Lake" two Chinese domain name was Meng Bing of Beijing in Beijing registered, valid for 11 years. "Yi Yuan Qing" was registered in Xiamen, valid for one year, but some people can always extend the term of validity. The people of Beijing Zhang Wenhai in Beijing all registered in the province of the two time-honored Chinese domain name: one is "double synthesis", one is "Pingyao beef". read more

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ICANN began testing non English domain names containing traditional Chinese

      next week, ICANN will begin testing non English Internet addresses, and if successful, non English top-level domains (similar will appear on the Internet in 2008.

      currently involved in the testing of languages: Arabic, Persian, Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, meaning the language continued, North India, Tamil.

      please note that the non English domain name is entirely based on the root of the domain name server native support, and the Chinese domestic Internet software to rely on Chinese domain names are essentially different. read more

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Royal Anber vigorously, after taking the era of micro chaos what position

a year ago, with ten years of experience in marketing network with the ancient Chinese Beijing jewelry derivative business, the main fashion amber business, and try to integrate a variety of channels, let the light luxury goods popular, a royal Anber, the success of micro business brand.

in an interview, said the ancient Beijing, circle of friends micro business is about to disappear, the brand will be the future of the development of the micro micro business.

we want to talk about today is the status quo, the development trend of micro business, and if you want to do micro business you must pay attention to the problem. read more

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Light wings CEO Fang Weicheng female entrepreneurs to support e-commerce half of the sky

December 18th, sponsored by the Shanghai business alliance Anting · Shanghai International Automobile City Information Industry Park and let the world the three anniversary of the Shanghai summit and the 2010 Shanghai network union will be held successfully. The main business alliance leadership, Shanghai relevant government departments (chamber of Commerce Network), electronic commerce and electronic commerce industry experts and scholars from all over the country leader attended the summit. Summit around the keyword "capacity", fully embodies the B2B, B2C, C2C, S2C four network compatibility". More than a thousand people attended the conference. read more

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Administration of industry and Commerce next month infringement penalties Ali Jingdong has rectifica

[Abstract] recently, the Beijing Consumers Association released 18 consumers familiar with the experience of the shopping site survey results. The results show that: more than 70% network platform does not express operator information or incomplete information, as well as part of the site on the seven day no reason to return to set up artificial barriers.

new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "law") formally implemented six months, the State Administration for Industry and commerce is gradually implement the seven days no reason to return policy. read more

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To seek the listing of Tmall merchants 200 capital market will become Amoy brand next arena

five Amoy merchants to the capital market.

source: Vision China

seek docking with the capital market Amoy brand more and more.

December 13th, Tmall to help businesses listed office announced that since the establishment of the platform so far, has received three squirrels, Yin man and other departments to apply for assistance to nearly 200 Amoy department. The office was established in April 26th, the purpose is to help businesses and brokers on the platform, as well as exchanges with other listed companies have been listed or to build a bridge between the brand electricity supplier. According to its statistical data, Tmall platform has started more than 50 companies plan IPO. read more

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Liu Qiangdong rural electricity providers and cross-border electricity supplier into a new breakthro

[Abstract] Jingdong in rural electricity providers and cross-border electricity supplier is also in force, Jingdong to the left leg of the countryside, the right leg to go abroad to describe the market expansion in 2015.

Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong


technology news (Le Tian) March 28th news, Jingdong CEO group said Liu Qiangdong today in an interview in Boao Asia Forum, Jingdong in 2014 to achieve a turnover of over 260 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 107%, is two times more than the industry average growth rate. read more

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