Weekend temperatures should be picked up outdoor leisure 24 days and then cool weather

Swept across the northern part of China, a wide range of cooling weather, so that people in Qinghai on the winter solstice taste the taste of winter. Yesterday, the province of a wide range of snow, cool weather, as of 16, the lowest temperature in Xining city is only minus 14.8 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of only minus 4.7 degrees celsius. From now on, the weather will turn to sunny, the temperature will be picked up, the most obvious rebound tomorrow, suitable for sports, leisure. But in December 24th, the province will be a new round of large-scale cooling weather. read more

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The most beautiful family will hold the first report

The provincial women’s Federation and municipalities Federation jointly set up the most beautiful family story xunjiangtuan, went across the province to preach. August 17th, hosted by the provincial women’s Federation, the city’s most beautiful women’s family tour report hosted the first report held in our city. The harmony and happiness of family, Chen Huiying family, Li Yajuan science Godson Zhang Shiming family filial piety, charity, and low family Zhang Yun family Wang Xia, five of the most beautiful family, which tells the story of her own family. This is the province’s most beautiful family activities carried out, the focus of the most beautiful family stories. The most beautiful family on behalf of telling his family’s story, a civilization family tradition, carry forward the traditional virtues, passing happiness password, let the people to receive education from. read more

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Xining Municipal Standing Committee meeting will focus on the deployment of work

May 10th afternoon, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired a meeting of the Municipal Standing Committee, the recent focus on the work of research and deployment.

meeting pointed out that at present, Xining’s economic and social development momentum is good, the work to promote a strong, cadres at all levels to fulfill their duties, the development of achievements for all to see. The city’s top and bottom to thoroughly implement the four comprehensive strategic layout, resolutely implement the provincial government’s decision to deploy efforts to do the current work. read more

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With the hope of the United States and Qinghai hand in hand

6 20, seventeenth Green Fair, private enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao Chamber of Commerce and the province’s key investment projects special signing ceremony held in Xining. Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of the China Federation of industry and commerce, and vice chairman of the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese attended the signing ceremony of the ceremony, Mr. Li Zhuobin. Governor Hao Peng speech.

Hao Peng said in his speech, the National Federation and the Federation of Chinese Green Fair as an important organizer, give full play to the role of bridge, and actively organize private entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Taiwan businessmen to exhibitors, widely publicized Qinghai resources and industrial advantages, vigorously promote key investment projects, effectively enhance the green fair, levels and specifications the influence of. The majority of private entrepreneurs and actively participate in the development of the Qinghai chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Taiwan, through the project investment and technological cooperation, and built a number of large size and high quality, affects the strong infrastructure and industrial development projects, enhance the comprehensive strength, Qinghai become an important force to accelerate the transformation of development. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Finance 16 cadres to preach the spirit of the document No. 1

In March 1st, 16 cadres of the Xining Municipal Finance Bureau, with the bureau to entrust, Chengguan town of Datong County and Castle Township, the central rural work conference to carry out propaganda, provincial and municipal central and provincial spirit and the spirit of the document No. 1 work

3 1, 16 cadres of the Xining Municipal Finance Bureau, with the bureau to entrust, Chengguan town of Datong County and Castle Township, the central rural work conference to carry out propaganda, provincial and municipal central and provincial spirit and the spirit of the document No. 1 work. read more

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Ten years, the city residents have changed the pocketbook

As a citizen of Xining, do you remember how much you earned ten years ago? So, how much is it now? What are the factors that contribute to our income? According to the State Statistics Bureau of Xining investigation team survey data show that from 2003 to 2013 ten years, city residents per capita disposable income increased from 7024.56 yuan to 19444.16 yuan, an increase of 12419.6 yuan, an increase of 1.8 times, the average annual growth of 10.7%. Wage income accounted for slightly reduced [] of the city residents before and after the 2013 average per capita income 11760 yuan, an increase of 1.8 times, the average annual growth of 10.6%, accounting for the proportion of disposable income is 60.5%. Ten years accounted for a decrease of 0.17 percentage points, wage income constitutes the main part of the disposable income of residents. [] growth in government to adjust the administrative institutions employees allowances, subsidies and fee standards; improve; community committee members wages have been implemented; an increase in the minimum wage; improve the public post wage and other factors have contributed to the growth of wage income. Operating net income increased by 4.2 times [before and after contrast] in 2013 the per capita net income of residents in the city was $1359.47, an increase of 4.2 times, an average annual increase of 17.9%, accounting for the fastest rise in the proportion of the year to, up to 6.97 percentage points. [growth] residents per capita net income continued to grow, thanks to the state of individual businesses to improve the value-added tax and business tax policy, the employment policy of our city and for entrepreneurs small loans, reducing the burden of operators, to encourage private business etc.. Property income growth of 5.7 times [before and after contrast] in 2013 the per capita property income of residents in the city of $346.51, an increase of 5.7 times, an average annual growth of 20.9%, accounting for the proportion of the year increased by 1.04 percentage points. [growth] with reason and has two sets of housing more than two residents of increasing number of households, the real estate investment to obtain rental income, has become one of the important ways of household investment, the property income rapid growth. Transfer income growth of 2.2 times [before and after contrast] in 2013, the city’s per capita income of residents of $9016, an increase of 2.2 times, an average annual increase of 12.3%, accounting for the proportion of 46.4%. Ten years accounted for an increase of 6.03 percentage points. [] the government continuously improve the cause of the increase of pension for enterprise retirees; Medicare residents to further expand the scope, increase out-patient diseases, outpatient reimbursement, health insurance subsidies for urban and rural residents increases; elderly subsidies Huimin policy to gradually implement the government; the implementation of social assistance and security standards and price increases linked to the linkage mechanism, and constantly improve the social security of disadvantaged groups standard.   read more

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The introduction of the province’s employment transfer precision poverty alleviation policy

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that this year, our province will according to the "Qinghai Province Employment Poverty Action Plan", to have the ability to work and transfer of jobs to poor population in the province’s 520 thousand rural surplus labor force, encourage the introduction of skills training, employment and entrepreneurship policy, by the end of 2019, and strive to achieve the transfer of employment of poor families labor force of 315 thousand people (Times), occupation skill training of 82 thousand people (Times), to ensure that each have surplus labor of poor households, at least 1 people to achieve the transfer of employment. read more

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Xining city to promote the creation of eighteen major cities

The party’s eighteen of the socialist spiritual civilization has made the comprehensive deployment, Xining City, a city office, city civilization in seriously study and understand the spirit of the eighteen at the same time, decided to create a national civilized city as an opportunity, combined with the actual city, will implement the eighteen spirit to work in a city, in the city to create a good a city atmosphere.

in the future, Xining will further through the news media, outdoor advertising and other ways, different carrier to carry out a city the significance and content of extensive publicity, do a city work focused, clear objectives and responsibility. At the same time, the establishment of a special inspection team, and to carry out special issues in the field of moral education and governance issues, widely talked about civilization, such as the theme of the new wind theme activities, volunteer service activities and the creation of civilized units. read more

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Wang Guosheng in the Huangnan delegation stressed people great enhance cohesion of national unity

1 18, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended the delegation of Huangnan.

, Zasigi, Yingcuo Chek · Luozhi choegyal Gyatso representatives around the "government work report", the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee work report on the construction of the beautiful countryside, safeguarding women’s rights and interests, strengthen rural education, promoting national unity, strengthen the management of religious affairs in accordance with the law and made a speech. Chek · Luozhi choegyal Gyatso on the understanding of their own political new ideas of "four change" green governance theory, that in line with the province, in line with public opinion. Especially the "unity and progress from the small population to the national province changes", and the masses are unanimous in support of. Talking about the construction of the beautiful countryside, Wang Guosheng said that the construction of the beautiful countryside should not be stereotyped, in a virtuous circle of ecological production life and work hard, reflect the cultural heritage, improve infrastructure, to achieve their own characteristics, dislocation development, to learn the general secretary asked "to see the mountains, could see the water, remember nostalgia". read more

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Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the first trip to the central bank will open

Qinghai Tibet area first trip to central trains (Xining – Antwerp) will officially open the line in the first month. This trip trains to Qinghai accelerate the integration of the strategic layout of The Belt and Road ", focus on opening up to the west, help enterprises to" go out ", improve the quality and efficiency of the development of foreign trade, foreign trade stabilized for the better, has very important significance.

reporter learned from Xining customs, in order to ensure the smooth trip trains starting on time, Xining customs based on the full consideration of the demands of the enterprise and transnational transportation work flow, specially formulated individualized regulatory programs, give full support. One is the goods and logistics with the tour trains, sent a work team to Xinjiang border crossings Alashankou customs, on-the-spot investigation, logistics transfer hall, comprehensive service port freight forwarders and railway container hoisting site, and establish a liaison mechanism and the determined by the customs clearance straight forward mode, the maximum smooth customs clearance to protect the train. The two is to set up a special window in Xining customs hall, arrange the non working time business on duty, timely solve the enterprise in the pre classification, pre examination and pre determine the origin and other aspects of the problem, to ensure the smooth customs clearance business for more than 40 times; the recent deployment of officers to carry out enterprise and railway freight container loading supervision services, the implementation of the door supervise the installation, inspection, timely early machine sealing and other facilitation measures, simultaneously to achieve the customs supervision and the loading of the goods, to maximize the efficiency of customs clearance. The three is to do a good job coordination. Determine the time node of the work, and actively cooperate with the business, local port management departments to train relevant preparatory work before; and inspection and quarantine departments to do well the declaration, inspection and other clearance work; in close cooperation with the railway departments to solve problems supervision area, bills of lading, signature and customs seal service etc.. read more

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Xining spirit award solicitation notice

In order to implement the spirit of the eleventh provincial Party Congress and Party committee put forward the summary of the "Xining spirit" requirements, to further improve the citizens moral quality, to explore the cultural connotation of the city, improve the city’s cultural grade, refine, cultivate and create a source of history, based on reality, keeping up with the times, leading the development and characteristics of "the spirit of Xining". Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the city civilization office will carry out the spirit of the Xining prize collection activities in the city. The "Xining spirit" expression should be easy to read and easy identification and easy to remember, easy to pronounce, concise and comprehensive, full of charisma. The expression should be general, time and region, which can reflect the status of Xining, economic development, historical and cultural heritage and local cultural characteristics, as well as the future goals of Xining
development direction. At the same time, to be accompanied by a detailed interpretation of the article, the word is not limited. Hope the general public and friends from all walks of life to participate in. Please send to Xining in June 20, 2007 before the city civilization office (Xining South Gate Street No. 43) or send e-mail: xiningwenmingban @ yahoo.com.cn, Tel: (0971) 8230771. read more

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Western China to adapt to climate change sustainable land management Qinghai project start

"Western China to adapt to climate change sustainable land management project in Qinghai," recently officially launched. The project is the basis of fruitful and successful experience in the first two projects, combined with the new situation to adapt to climate change, the application of comprehensive and sustainable development concept of land management practices to further explore, from several aspects of policies and regulations, technology, mechanism and management, efforts to improve the livelihoods of poor households in project area. read more

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Standing Committee of the provincial departments to seriously study and implement the important spee

day, the Provincial Standing Committee Department through the center of the group held a theory of learning, learning, learning and other forms of Party members and cadres, to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech spirit as a political task, quick thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, and the speech into the performance of their duties the work of power and ability. It is agreed that to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai in the forefront of the important speech, for example, requires deep understanding and great efforts to practice General Secretary Xi "four solid" starting point, identify the active implementation of the important speech and focus in learning to further understanding, on better practice, one of the first to forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move forward, to set an example first, under the above rate, for the majority of Party members and cadres. read more

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Wang Yubo decisive battle in the fourth quarter

yesterday morning, the Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo presided over the plenary meeting of the municipal government. The meeting summed up the first three quarters of economic work, analysis judged the current economic development situation, the deployment of the work in the fourth quarter, and actively planning next year’s work. Wang Yubo stressed that the city should further strengthen and accelerate the development of confidence and determination, ability to tackle tough, around the enterprise operation, project construction, investment, farmers’ income, financial income and social harmony demolition, the livelihood of the seven aspects of grasping the sprint, to ensure the full completion of the objectives and tasks of the year. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, vice mayor of the city of Xu Guocheng,, in charge of the work of the mouth of the arrangements made on the work of the mouth, and so on, on the other hand, the work of the people’s Republic of China, the vice mayor of the city of China, vice mayor. read more

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Xining vigorously promote the reform of household registration system

May 9th, Xining held a news briefing on the household registration system reform, provincial and municipal media attended the meeting. After the media into the homes of local residents, for the reform of the household registration system of the interview, people think that the new reform of the household registration system, benefits the country is a good thing, the real benefit to the implementation of people.


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Indoorsman Indoorswoman so enjoy the National Day holiday

The reporter was informed that: after a few days of investigation for a flavorfully, no waste, no regrets, memorable holiday, in addition to some people the family car, by plane, by train out of the province to play, vacation, many people chose to stay in Xining to enjoy the National Day holiday seven days, especially some weekdays busy no time to breathe pitch-dark commuters is chose to stay in Xining, stay at home, then home in Xining, in the house of the Xining Indoorsman Indoorswoman are how to cherish cherish and enjoy the national day 7 seconds into music? Please follow the reporter went to see Xining’s Indoorsman Indoorswoman were 7 days holiday life.

the opportunity to enjoy the rare leisure slow life

surveyed a government organs of civil servants, a middle school teacher teacher Mr. Song Wei teacher, a hospital chief physician Dr. Liu and others all in one story told reporters that since the beginning of National Day holiday for 7 days, every day they wake up to sleep early, big days, night time usually dare not close The sun is three poles high., mobile phone at night before going to bed is bold off. With the words of Mr. Song is: "the feeling is a word – beauty! This should be put in peacetime (even if it is weekend), which dare!"
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How about opening a magic potato snack bar

life can be haze cover can no sunshine, but not without snacks, snacks from our help chowhound how to live. The snack bar is the chowhound camp, in almost every restaurant door, there are always haunt chowhound. Haha, a snack bar, to earn their money chowhound. So what snack bar? What is today’s most popular chowhound snacks? Let’s take a look at it!

magic potato snacks?

magic potato snacks selected ingredients, fine processing, health formula, so it is the same! Fine production, health, regardless of the choice of ingredients or formula, process, follow the concept of green environmental protection. The quality of the product is a key factor in the success of a project, so we first look at the magic potato snack products. Magic potato snacks series of delicacy tastes rich in ages, every kind of products can meet the different tastes. What snack bar? Small series only recommended for you magic potato snacks. read more

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I volunteer my Tim flag for the glory, glory of the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics party volu

    June 28th morning, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics party volunteers, dressed in uniforms, wearing "Xining municipal authorities party volunteers" cap, wore the emblem, in the central square of Xining participated in the municipal authorities party members will work directly under the authority organization "who are willing to serve" the ceremony, and a solemn oath. In the event of the launching ceremony, I board combined with their own characteristics, the production of 5 billboards, banners, promotional materials, 2000, focusing on the situation of the sixth census and the statistical law and other publicity. With practical action to express the good spirit of the party and fine style. Through this activity, with rich content and effective activities as the carrier, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party members and appeal, stimulate the party organizations fighting force and the Communist Party members of the vanguard and exemplary role, and further establish a sense of purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, more strong "Tim glory for the flag, to create a national civilized city, national environmental protection model city, National Forest City, to promote the" four development ", the construction of livable, leisure and life of the city, the city of happiness and contribute to the atmosphere. Party members and volunteers in high and vigorous spirits are full of confidence, have said, will do in the future work, life can be light and heat radiation members around, with practical action to practice the spirit of volunteerism, held to contribute to the eighteen victory of the party. read more

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FIRST film show opens today

2013 China · Xining FIRST youth film show in everyone’s expectations and opening today. In addition to shortlisted film screenings, the FIRST Youth Film Festival for young filmmakers and Xining provide a rich film feast.

in the FIRST Youth Film Festival period, I will invite experienced film professionals as instructors to teach young people to share in their movies, screenwriter, photography, editing, audio and other aspects of the rich experiences and views. After a rigorous screening of the students, under the guidance of professional instructors to experience the charm of the film production, and in 4 days of intense courses in the close communication and cooperation. At the same time, young film directors, actors, producers and other creative film history, film industry and finance and other related topics will be launched in-depth dialogue and debate. read more

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