Viewing the development trend of gift websites from photos, books and personalized customization

after more than 20 years of development, the Internet has become more and more mature; and e-commerce started more than 10 years ago, after more than 10 years of development is becoming increasingly mature. It seems that managers of more and more enterprises are beginning to realize the importance of online business, so almost every boss wants to have some people who are in charge of e-commerce at their own company. Because the boss knows a veteran in battle, perhaps their own in the near future can not get rich, but at least from looking for opportunities, at least not in time by their competitors far off. Therefore, in any case, e-commerce has become a mainstream and will exist for a long time. read more

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Site analysis can stay for 60 seconds, you can get more conversion opportunities

recently looked at some data and compared them to websites from different industries, and then found that most websites would have the second wave of online browsing as long as users could stay for more than 60 seconds. These data tell me a reason, to enhance online conversion, then it should try to make the user enough to stay for 1 minutes.

look at the following picture: Although most of the user’s browsing time is 0-10 seconds, once the residence time is more than 60 seconds, the second groups of people browse the peak 61-180 seconds appeared. Basically, in addition to the online Forex platform web site, almost all other sites that monitor it have such a rule. So 11-60 seconds, this is a user watershed, and this group of users is relatively more than 0-10 seconds users more likely to convert users. If your website is larger in this set (11-60 seconds) of data, the more it is necessary to do the optimization of the station or the improvement of user experience. read more

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Zhang Sheng not bad money business to business full of sound and colour

how to run a shop, each operator will have their own set of standards and methods, many shop owners with the correct ways to make their business is booming, Zhang is such a shopkeeper. Zhang is a cigarette retail customers in Shanxi Pianguan County, who runs through in a "business method is not bad money", the business is full of sound and colour.

he said: Cigarettes my technique is actually very simple classification to match up.

encountered foreign customers, I would recommend high-grade cigarettes, and to recommend them more cigarette brands, they do not bad money: because outsiders are generally go, where to buy". read more

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Organic food mall webmaster one and a half months do station experience

, this is my mall site, from November 1, 2009 to the beginning of the site, and until today, the site began to improve. In this sum up, to share their own experiences and suggestions with everyone. First of all, I think the first step should be to consider its internal optimization, that is, start with the title and description, how to locate keywords, and the code, the keyword section of the page and its density. These preparations should be done in advance.

Title: how to locate the main keyword, the length of the title, and how long it is appropriate. read more

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Zhu Yong what’s the best way to make a personal website (two)


wrote an article called "personal webmaster do what the most profitable website", did not expect to be A5 for home slide recommended articles, many webmaster see add my QQ group, soon 200 people group up, have to say soft Wen promotion effect is good.

a lot of friends after reading the article asked me how to earn money for this, we must first analyze the profitmodel website profit pattern from the categories, one is the advertising revenue, the other one is to provide services. For advertising revenue, an alliance, Google Adsense, Baidu alliance and other alliances, these belong to the intermediary nature of the alliance, want to make money from the union, first of all sites have a certain flow as the basis, in order to make money, personally think that IP should be at least 2000 or more, it is best to consider 5000IP put advertising alliance. Especially at present you are relying on personal webmaster most pop, flow too little of them the only way to increase the income of a union is pop, which will affect the user experience, do the dumpster friends only recommended. read more

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Talking about the way of personal stationmaster management


personal website is a familiar word. Today, there are millions of Internet users with personal websites. The Internet has become resplendent because of such a group. Although many people say it is for interest and do site. But come back, a no popular site, you will always spend money to support it? How many people are willing to take money to pay for their dreams, then


for interest and site, this sentence is not personal webmaster from the heart. They are more interested in how to introduce an unknown website to the Internet and to search for it until the Internet users. So as to achieve considerable popularity and flow, but in the ever-changing Internet, is no longer a mere flow of war, and for individual owners, by traffic has become boring. Between traffic and site also created a series of professional terms, such as website operation, site management, etc.. read more

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Explain how local websites strengthen media and industry cooperation

According to the

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released statistics report shows that as of the end of June 2010, the rapid development of China Internet users reached 420 million, occupying nearly 1/3 of the total national population. Under the general trend of rapid popularization of the Internet, local websites serving local netizens are showing a "hundred schools of thought contend", and are facing more and more severe survival tests. Throughout these sites, most of them rely on forums derived from a series of community applications, such as portals, SNS, blog, architecture is very similar. But there are some websites, such as the Shanghai community and Wu, with excellent media and industry cooperation, win more abundant resources, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the website, out of a community of the characteristics of the road. read more

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How do enterprises establish their own network marketing system

recently had the network marketing strategy of Guangzhou friends consulting enterprises should how to implement? How should establish their own network marketing system? How can we quickly establish enterprise network marketing system of their own


because of the high-speed popularization and application of network. A few years ago, people get information on television and print media, and the network is called the fifth media access to information, but in a few years, this situation really has changed dramatically, in addition to television media network has become the second media, and probably in the next few years beyond TV the media, become the main channel for people to obtain information. The diversity and comprehensiveness of the network make network marketing become the focus of many enterprises. In this case, a vision of the small and medium-sized enterprises mister, are thinking about how to use the enterprise network marketing to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, from a strategic height, the marketing network marketing strategy into their enterprises, in order to achieve the rapid development of Internet media with the purpose of the enterprise. read more

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Improve website access speed is to enhance the effectiveness of network marketing

How important is the speed of

web access? Just look at it in search engines. Under the same keyword, such as "Shanghai website construction", you can retrieve dozens of different websites of the same business. When the user clicks on the website one by one, the importance of speed can be revealed. Again by the previous ranking, and then fine and high-quality website, when the website load time beyond the customer’s psychological expectations, will be closed and give up. Moreover, as the competition intensifies, the pace of life continues to accelerate, people’s mentality has become increasingly impetuous, and can wait for the site to load less and less time. Therefore, it is particularly necessary and urgent to carry out website construction and network marketing and try to improve the website opening time. read more

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Exchange of ability and value — talk about the development of Witkey cash task in stationmaster cir

With the popularization of

network and the continuous development and change of Internet technology and concept, the differentiation of Internet industry is becoming more and more obvious. In 2008, despite the impact of the financial crisis, China’s Internet market still maintained a growth rate of more than 20%, and the market scale reached 139 billion. The demand of market segments has led to the overall development of the Internet industry. More value can be created by segmenting the market. Take local classified information websites, a comprehensive local classified information network may attract about 10000 users. But the differentiation, from a comprehensive transformation to the professional direction, a network information second-hand housing or second-hand car information website may also attract about 10000 users, and so on, differentiation create market value will be several times before. Segments enable more technical capabilities to create more value. read more

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Four most important issues for novice web site optimization


contact site optimization in the beginning, when the SEO industry in the SEO Department of an enterprise to work half the time, but I have always been a thought goal, because I just send the chain, every day to write press releases, as do SEO want to understand this knowledge, they will not stop after work on the forum posts, stop and look at the data, for success is a qualified personnel SEO. But the work in the enterprise in the first half, then sum up I made a lot of new problems most likely to make a few here and share with everyone, but also to prevent the same problem in SEO friends make, into my footsteps. read more

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A network game and his 701

from the 01 years of contact with the network, large and small do not under 200 sites, and most of these veterans, mixed network for a long time, feeling what was left, leaving only the price of a good domain name Two years ago to do a free movie site, then do optimization is simple, get a software group mass ranking will go up. Remember when I made this 701 domain name of the movie station to the Baidu’s first page, one day IP more than ten thousand, at that time do not know how to make money. Now think of, really regret death, with such a high flow, there is no how to make money. Finally, for a variety of reasons, my movie station was not healthy enough to survive. read more

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Aibao Mommy nets by what so fire

first statement, I am not Aibao Mommy nets shooter or childcare, on the contrary, we are competitors. Here to analyze Aibao Mommy nets is mainly to clarify that I’ve been views to everyone: we do stand webmaster, technology is often not the most important, high technology, no team is not enough to develop a new network application, provide technical services; we need more is the website operation ideas, marketing some of the skills, and grasp the direction of. From the "line" (which is the industry and subject matter) to the election, do stand point (which is also the starting point and center of gravity) to choose, then the rest of the things that go according to plan and execute with lasting enthusiasm to adhere to, waiting for you is almost certainly different, and the degree of scarcity precious success". read more

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How to make our website attract traffic

we do every webmaster station, nothing but is instead more people know we stand, let people remember and love our station, just as we stand: Global second-hand electromechanical what is the best way to attract others? This is also the reason why I write soft text here, but also just to attract spiders and let everyone know my website.

how to attract traffic? Now we use a lot of methods, I personally summed up the following categories:

is the first company for advertising in the media, including television advertising, Internet advertising, outdoor advertising and so on, this kind of propaganda are generally large companies to promote affordable, generally small companies because of limited funds, so not too much money on advertising. read more

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Advertising strategies for commercial websites

Since the new Internet

do IDC, no less advertising. Advertising is generally 468*60 format, the most common and most common. Personally think that advertising is not easy too complex, small color picture is simple, the big picture of emphasis on visual impact (but not too fancy). Below, talk about the new common Internet advertising and professional website advertising strategies.

, 1.Google, Adwords advertising strategy

has invested in Google Adwords enterprises or individuals know, Google Adwords can set keywords, unit price cap and monthly consumption. In this regard, large enterprises if you want to get more money to flow, enough, you can choose some competitive keywords, such as virtual hosting, domain name registration, website construction and so on, these can be found in the Baidu index, there is a certain flow rate. For no money, we should avoid these high priced keywords can be set, such as: ASP, asp space,.Com virtual host domain name registration,.Cn domain name registration, of course, these keywords flow less, so I want to get in Google search recommendation need to add more of these keywords, increase keyword price, so you can to improve the ranking opportunity at the right side of Google. read more

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0951 information network 3 years of experience in the establishment of a website

I should contact the Internet in 1999, when the 163 Internet one hour 5 yuan, early online chat was mainly, then limit music download music often go to the old music download stations, when local music downloads are very small, the average speed of a song for 12-15 minutes, I remember the first time to the West is a chat room, chat on Internet every day, more than a year do not know QQ, once in the cafe to see others, I also do not know what is said, ask people to chat with her, chat added to the QQ as long as the Internet can contact I said, this is a good stuff ah, I remember in the west to find my friends, really hard ah, I am not stupid! read more

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According to the management strategy of talent station, talk about your own ideas

in recent days to see there are more and more attention to personnel of this article on the A5 website, the heart is very happy to tell you the truth, look at this time of the article, in addition to search optimization technology, we really talked about the recruitment industry is not much. After carefully reading the articles of these friends, in addition to admiration is to thank. Thank them for sharing their true thoughts in the heart, so that everyone can make progress together. In this, I according to some of their views, and then to perfect their own ideas, hoping to help more friends. read more

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How can I write a good copy

engaged in SEO people must be copy is not strange, after all, many so-called "optimization", "director", "Promotion Director" and so on, are from a small network editor, of course, this is only part of the representative. As long as you engage in promotion work related to the Internet, some cannot do without copy, Hefei talent network Xiaobian found on the market, super soft, copywriting, copywriting and creative activities, the so-called SEO and so on, but most hits are just passable. Of course, Xiao Bian’s copy is the same, at this time many new people will begin to complain, "my article is written well, why no one to see it?" read more

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10 techniques for building high performance J2EE applications

we do want to stand to get more harvest, whether physical or mental, hope to share with everyone happy and share together into trouble, in this group, growth and other owners together is our pursuit of life. Individual novice may not be able to understand the truth, we are eager to promote your site, let the site soon grow up, sometimes ignore the feelings of others in the publicity, leading to beginners easy to make some small mistakes when doing the station.

we can see that the individual webmaster in exchange when disdain and share, so, in the virtual world, how do we face other webmasters, and how websites grow together, this is a topic that the benign development of the Internet, we need to better promote their own, but also make more friends. read more

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How many propaganda methods do the new station do

makes websites more and more easy; it’s getting harder and harder to promote websites,

because of CN domain name a dollar promotion activities, more and more Internet users to the personal webmaster truth. However, the website was built, how to advertise it? How about the website traffic? It’s becoming easier to make websites. It’s becoming more and more difficult to popularize websites, especially our new adsense. Let’s look at the experience of a new website for users. Here’s a list of some of the more useful ways you feel about it for your reference. read more

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