The new method to speed up the inside pages included what

7. do website push. Love Shanghai webmaster tools is very easy to use tools, we should set up "

2., continue to search engine crawling and crawling. Now generally do not use the div+css structure, table structure, as little as possible the use of flash and JS structure is not conducive to spider crawling. I love the personal advice directly to buy their own template, if you can make the template, the effect will be better.

page? Some say 7-30 days after the home page, some said at least 1 months, some say 1-6 months. Although I know need to wait, but still want to improve the inside pages included as soon as possible. Is there a way to speed up the inside pages included? I was really to find. read more

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The K website is how to analyze the reasons included half recovery


second, will not be Links, they all know that Links is the site of a hidden killer, quickly use Adsense tools to check the next, because I do not have the link behavior, therefore, hold a hesitant attitude check, did not expect a previously has been included in the thousands of sites, now check only 2, the author also said a sentence: is it… But I don’t know what time this station is to become so, whether there are other reasons?

site outside the chain is too wide and a lot of garbage, before I have always believed that the chain does not lead to very serious consequences, why has this idea, because I have asked why a friend crazy outside the chain, not afraid of being punished, he said that if the chain to a site that destroyed I’m not pleasing to see who will go to send it a chain is not on the line, the author thought is, in fact, the recent Shanghai love especially the garbage chain for the chain, no use to the user, and a large number of repeat promotional garbage outside the chain, but not without benefits, but it will link > read more

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Analysis of the status quo Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon why being annoying

ant online today in the know to see a post: how do you view the know "what is XXX" problem. Most of the audience to answer the questions are to sniff at this behavior, as the ads say.

bluntly, Shanghai dragon or domestic market is too messy, motionless on the big wet brick house said "as long as the application, you stand a heaven love Shanghai home". It is not 2006 that will search engine, Google’s algorithm is more and more improved, love in Shanghai also spare no effort to catch up, cheating black hat optimization market will slowly compressed stream. Or quoted Zac as saying: Shanghai dragon master, you have to master the speculation, speculation can be in full swing, but naturally, not annoying. You have to master is writing, writing addictive, can put some key words in the right place. You have to be more network marketing master, from. read more

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Examples of weight A5 forum how high

in Shanghai love search forum, A5 forum ranked fourth, behind the Tencent revival forum, forum, forum banner Daquan, ranking higher than Sohu, NetEase and other well-known forum, according to the observation of the recent period of time, when the search keywords A5 Forum Forum ranking has been very stable, basically all around on the first page. It is also proved that the high weight A5.

this is the A5 forum ranking some long tail keywords, A5 posts have a very high ranking in love Shanghai, there are many owners in the forum A5 industry soft and get good rankings every day, then put the flow into your own website or directly obtain orders. A travel ticket of the group purchase site was in love with the sea K off, but every day can be directly in the A5 forum received a lot of orders, is the long tail keywords all information about tickets group purchase to A5 soft plate, in the future I will write an article by A5 forum do local keywords 2000 month article. read more

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How to improve website ranking using image optimization


three, the size of the picture to be suitable for

two, localization of

logo represents the image of the company, a good Logo design can give visitors find everything fresh and new feeling, can give us the brand to provide more quality services. Therefore, the optimization of the logo for certain attention, logo picture to be beautiful, concise and to the point that the tenet of the company, don’t fall in love with the sea is to find a picture of a little change it as the site of the logo, the consequences of doing so only one will let others feel that you are a lazy person, then you think a lazy people do things to win the favor of users of read more

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How to write a business website of Shanghai Longfeng optimal operation scheme (reduced articles)

implementation scheme is your work, but also need to look at the proof of your ability to work plan for the boss. Its operation and execution and whether the details directly affect the efficiency of your future work; and whether the plan is tall write vivid and concise, directly affect the company’s boss to your impression and acceptance.

once found his lack of website, many problems will be followed, this time we have to do a master to solve the problem, the solution to these problems is to find out. After analyzing the basic points needed for their site. read more

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From 0.01 to 1500 knife knife my Wangzhuan hard roadA seller’s Bill why do I say that Taobao busines

is the main cost: early creative planning, photography, graphic design, art shop late.

I feel that the public has no idea about the "simple" Chinese word "advantage". Everyone thinks that making Taobao is cheap is an advantage, but if everyone has this advantage, it will not be an advantage, and eventually it will turn into a vicious competition.

you might object, "what a beautiful picture! Why?

!" !

is beautiful or the second, the key is to have! How do you ensure that the wages of 3000 yuan to recruit girls, can help you convey the correct design of commodity brand concept, your selling point, color of the copy, the heartbeat? This is not 20 years old young young people can do it, is the need of marketing and details of the plan. read more

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Cloud attack how to stabilize the core of your keywords ranking

ranking, we must first think of these:

Do Since !

Syria gossip less, well.

station? The following

search engines love what

is very simple for people to see the following, called netizens. The search engine is doing what? The search engine is a bridge between users and websites. Search engines love what station? Simply speaking, netizens love what station, search engines love what station below cloud attack one by one analysis.

do stand to see who do

to see who?

is for Internet users see we do stand, the netizen is a very picky crowd, because too much, causing users very picky, if you do stop, the search engine is useless, users directly to see you. So we should do a good job on site optimization, and strive to beautiful, but will you want to highlight the characteristics of clear expression such as netizens! Come in soon abandoned you, as long as the users do not abandon you, even if successful in half, and netizens came after stay and browsing your site other page number it will affect the search engine to your liking degree. So we have to do is to write the content closer to the needs of users, so he stops to stay longer, but also the relevant content users need most on the more prominent position, it will take him to continue browsing your other web pages, even the browse not fun, he will remember you ", the next time will come in view, this is the best effect. read more

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Analysis of Shanghai Dragon 3 love Shanghai technology and the adjustment of the algorithm

2. site outside Shanghai dragon

algorithm? The internal

the Shanghai Dragon technology can be classified into two categories:

we will usually set the title, keywords, description, and the use of a variety of labels is optimized, then the development process on the site, in the add anchor text, gradually increase the keyword density.

1. website of Shanghai dragon

so that the network environment become very dirty, when users search, often get is not what you want, the other is a love Shanghai. read more

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Estimation of love Shanghai ranking using a keyword density and page PR value

therefore, we in the optimization process need to pay attention to the following points: (1) the web page of the PR value and the keyword density is very important for the web page ranking, about how to improve the PR value of the article is very much, then do not repeat; (2) do the chain optimization becomes very important, in order to optimize the PR value chain smooth transfer; (3) Links do not blindly pursue home position, and pay attention to the PR output value, because there are more likely than the home page in the PR theory, although it is not common; (4) original publications in the PR value high platform, and the chain number less, is very large for optimization website PR value contribution. read more

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Enterprise to do optimization to obtain the website ranking and flow

two for enterprises, the content of the web site optimization

, structure, enterprise website optimization. Often do optimization webmaster should know to optimize a good website, no matter what type of website, the premise is to optimize the site structure and page, and the page structure and is disposable after optimization, optimization will not need to make any changes, and optimize the structure and page is optimized when the website is not on the line or the development of the site, so the author believes that the two optimization is the most important. I need to do it under the structure optimization: column design, navigation design, spider trap, ban included, internal links, standardization. The page needs to be optimized: Meta tags, H/ALT tags, text optimization, keywords layout, concise code. I think these are the optimization of enterprise website early to do. read more

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Love Shanghai share is very eye-catching but try not to rely on the brush to the real

first said why baidu launched to share this stuff, of course, is certainly not to suppress prompted by a sudden impulse, jisthis and other popular third party sharing system, for more consideration, may be in terms of improving the quality of search products, with a heavy weight can be the basis and reference. We can see that Baidu’s search product has been climbing, including Taobao passenger pressure, the emergence of various functions, all that Baidu in search of ambition, of course they also know that good product is the most important, whether he is a business how much, how many users, as Tencent QQ is also constantly improve, dare not to tell the user read more

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Dark horse urgent notice! Yahoo graphic stop launchVideo chat CPA CPS High Commission under the amaz

everyone to understand the truth, the first is the need for video chat video, video of the premise is the need to have the bandwidth guarantee, so video chat industry needs a large amount of funds, not only on the personnel input, but said the cost of network bandwidth is quite amazing, a company with each class 10 beautiful words, you need 2M fiber, independent bandwidth server hosting also need 100M+, the price you can go online to check, I’m just here to say the cost of bandwidth, also did not say on the personnel consumption. read more

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Open local online supermarket, traffic make money two do not mistakeMicro-blog money, how exactly do

Wangzhuan for many people is not a strange word, believe that the webmaster friends have to do some wangzhuan. Wangzhuan, as the name suggests, it is the use of the Internet to make money. A lot of ways to make money also seen on the Internet, very little time, read a lot of information for the domain name registration money is very envy, to know the most expensive domain name sex value of millions of dollars, is filled with a thousand regrets. Also in their own sites to add advertising bits, advertising to others to make money, as well as do stand group to make money, and so on. Here, we have reflected a problem, we need to put money do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, for several more than that, they want us to go to the capital investment, for example, the domain name registration to the registration fees, when many of the registered domain name requires a lot of money, the construction site do not need to say, investment money is a must. Today and we talk about another Wangzhuan we do not need to invest the money – micro-blog. read more

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Li Kaifu Xu Xiaoping Cai Wensheng jointly initiated the establishment of heroesCai Wensheng entrepre

technology news Le Tian March 5th news, innovation works chairman Li Kaifu, Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping, angel investor Cai Wensheng in Beijing today jointly launched the Internet Oriented entrepreneurial assistance program competition".

December 15, 2016, Mito listed in Hongkong.

started out on the first day of business, and Cai Wensheng was an excellent person.

the following Tencent ID:chuangye according to the Cai Wensheng interview and speech Jingbian, enjoy:

is an early lead long capital investment institutions, including seed round, angel round, A round of investment projects, including Meitu Xiu Xiu, 4399, storm, 58 city, synchronous network, technology,. read more

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IPlus video network offlineShared charging treasure faces multiple security risks, information leaka

is the current development pattern sharing economy has the "tide", after sharing the bicycle, car sharing, sharing, sharing, sharing the basketball umbrella charging treasure appeared, among them, especially in the sharing of charging treasure to the highest degree of concern, not only because the city has become the livelihood of the people living standard to charge a mobile phone, but also because of this sharing products bring a lot of controversy. Share rechargeable treasure there are some security problems, the "Legal Daily" reporter conducted a survey?. read more

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From zero income to 7 days, the income of more than six thousand yuan of complete experience and met

off, or do the money or not, should according to their own situation, choose a good brand attributes, brand name, such as the name of the web site, the name of the mall, and many brands tend to merge and site keywords, such as 360 of the net purchase of bodyguards, in 360 on the basis of brand extension the protection function of online shopping, so many people will need to download 360 online shopping online shopping bodyguard to enhance the security of online shopping, in fact most of the use of 360 online shopping bodyguard directly after the 360 on the site in Taobao, and the 360 became the largest Taobao customers, this is the brand to create a strong ability to make money, so if you can there was a good brand, attached to this brand following Wangzhuan can have a good development, if not, it only can open their own Extension, read more

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Talk about a few Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and typeUse the network to sell toys to earn ten thousand yuan

later, I didn’t know exactly how to sell toys on the Internet. I tried it. I opened a Taobao shop and sold toys. I didn’t expect to sell toys online, the effect is not bad, every day there is consultation, I will send the express mail every morning, and then go to the township delivery. But then, because there was something wrong with the delivery, I didn’t send any more toys. Because every day to the villages and towns to send toys, regardless of the day to earn one hundred or two hundred yuan, no fun. read more

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Taobao guest business, sharing four sets of actual combat experience, play detailed explanationThe t

making money is deceptive in the eyes of many people. I once had this view. I am a computer haven’t graduated from secondary school students, because his family was poor in 2004 dropped out of school to work in Guangdong, perhaps I am sociable or other… After dropping out of school and my teacher often contact..

really started in 2007. The beginning is not how good a genius 0.5 knife is too little, so I find I ask the teacher he told me to do English stand off, I put my own station as an adult by English page. Then chat with MM and GG in chat room. Finally, let him see my photos and send my website to him. It’s no problem making 10 knives a day. There is their own brush IP point. read more

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NetEase strict selection triggered electricity supplier tide, the head of the market into a new roun

Last year,

in just a year, this platform will by virtue of the quality of life oriented and strong supply chain integration capabilities, Tmall, vip and Jingdong in this seemingly stable pattern of miracle like kill out, become independent business in the bright younger generation.

way one: SEO do GG. Is actually very simple, every day to collect some related articles to the blog, your blog will soon be included in sh419, of course, if you have a high hit rate as template is better, can look at my blog template is how to set the. Http://bxwz.blogbus/ read more

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