The website is mainly to optimize the Shanghai dragon to the odd victory

a lot of people in the construction site at the beginning of the most concern is how to do what the content of the website, and then through what kind of way to gain profit and so on, this is a more formal website construction of the road, but if the appropriate changes, the establishment of the idea of reverse thinking, will let you take the initiative in the website the construction, such as the first consider what kind of profit model, and then combined with their ability to choose what kind of website keywords, so in the beginning of the competition, you get the opportunity! read more

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Wang Peng the importance of the site optimization site outside the chain

according to the correct way to do, find a lot of high quality, correlation, widely degrees outside of the chain. Of course, this high quality of the chain the more the better, but the high quality of the chain of network optimization what what importance? I will talk about my understanding of the emperor for foreign chains, and opinions on the site outside the chain site optimization some constructive.

website optimization and outside the shop to do business, for example, we open a shop selling children’s toys, will consider many factors, such as store location, store decoration layout and children love some of the layout and so on, is tantamount to a web site, a store location is a chain the site, chain layout of the store layout is equal to a web site, children’s toy store is a site, so we explain is clear, some people may also have some confusion, here for everyone to talk about their mutual relationship, we choose a toy store location some people in the relevant and attract them to the store, and the store layout layout directly and let them find the relevant categories of things, a convenient choice Rapid turnover. As the content is needless to say, most of the toy store is certainly a toy, something content can be their consumer desire to buy. Of course, the relationship between the toy shop and a website here may not clear, did not understand the importance of the site outside the chain, site optimization imagine, if choose the location of the shop (also is the site of the chain), we tend to put their toys store opened in a relatively remote place (deserted choose the chain address), so whether you toy a lot cheaper, the layout of how creative (site more beautiful much more attractive), I can not have too many sales. (corresponding to the site will not have too much traffic, the social people love) is simple and quick the way of life, think of who would go so far to buy a toy toy store, estimated after a few days will be announced closed! Therefore found that many of the toy store will open in some busy street community high traffic. Because of this, " read more

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The remaining traffic on Youku intercept with the long tail words

yesterday I have sex in Shanghai know, there are people who look for the "new bride with white hair" episode of the lyrics, I immediately click "new bride with white hair" until the episode that position read, really good songs, with a very touching scene, listening to what will be left in the in my mind "we agreed not to break up." so I love Shanghai in the search, found a drop-down box, find the correct lyrics should be "not agreed not to break up these two words to do next. The effect is very good. To avoid the Red Sea from the competition, according to the user’s psychological needs to find them, then we learn Shanghai Dragon technology, can also get good rankings and flow. read more

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Website domain name hijacking solution

most of the time our site is under attack is inevitable, since we do not have the ability to stop the attack, then we can choose some of the more powerful server and domain name providers help me do security defense, in the face after the attacks do not panic, do not be surprised that can really make the Shanghai dragon to the job! To truly become a qualified webmaster

the first thing to mention is the site right down, down the right site is not our own man-made, there may be competitors because of attack and trap. The definition and the domain name hijacking said today is: the domain name hijacking pan analytical to steal your personal information users to modify your website, increase the number of new IP in the domain name above you, produce a lot of garbage pages that the users can not access at all to your real page to your web site right down, keywords ranking vanish overnight read more

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Let free weight analysis 1-10 page links to you top Shanghai dragon linkbait case


linkbait step 1: create a unique slide, free to let people download

link bait is simply refers to the creation of useful, interesting and attractive content, in order to attract other webmasters, the blogger’s attention, generate external links.

demo address: 贵族宝贝

link bait, in the construction of the external links in Shanghai dragon became the focus of a new round of. Search engine optimization experts to rely on content to attract incoming links from the interesting name: linkbait (Link Baiting). read more

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Love Shanghai Site optimization done you calm it

we all know, if you want to improve a site for IP and PV, and improve the site from search engine traffic, the content of the website so it must have high quality. Only the high quality of the content of the website, in order to attract users, in order to attract search engine. Because our Shanghai dragon and editor at work, should stand in the user’s point of view, what is the user need? How to give the user more help? How to provide users with high quality, originality, strong correlation! Remember the first rule of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, content is king. read more

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To improve the conversion rate for the promotion of the optimization objectives are doing

today, we do optimization promotion network marketing is becoming more and more online shopping mall, the enterprises to carry out network marketing is to promote the sale of your product, for this type of website, in addition to do website ranking promotion bring traffic to the site, the conversion rate is also very important, if there are 1000 traffic on our website every day, but the conversion rate is 1%, then every day only 10 people to buy our products on the site, if we say that the conversion rate of some work on the site, the conversion rate increased to 10%, then ten customers need only 100 flow, and when we have 1000 traffic will be transformed 100 effective customers, therefore, is necessary to improve the site conversion rate is, the author will introduce several methods to improve the site conversion rate . read more

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Optimization of a boat floating in the sea

The second step:

The first step of

in the summer of 2012, just over a year’s network administrator, in a chance to get to the interview, a network company, I entered the optimization of this industry, when going to the interview, the boss said to do sales or technology, I thought to do more easy point. Now that technology is more miserable. Last summer, love Shanghai has not yet hit Scindapsus update algorithm, link the sale. Love Shanghai has no strict rules for the transfer of Links weights, then the optimization is relatively rigid. After careful reading teaching video more than 2 G. Every night in search learning forum. I have entered this industry. To be honest people. With irresistible attraction for new things. I am no exception, just contact optimization I was deeply attracted by the. Find the original search engine there is so much knowledge inside. From the beginning to fall in love with Haicha will only use the information to check web site, now how to maximise their information by more people to check. How to make your own website ranking in nature (so called snapshot ranking has a better ranking.). There are a lot of things I have learned. read more

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Improve the site rankings do internal optimization should pay attention to four points

, in a word, the template has nothing to do with us and we need all the things are removed or changed into our own website, must do the best to optimize the website template, this post on our website ranking is to have a great influence.

four, the website chain

to improve the site’s ranking, the overall layout of the site is also very important, including URL and H tag, in the webmaster encyclopedia website URL do try to simplify, don’t move too complicated and too; for the H label site, we all know that the H tag is H1 to H6. But only H1 and H2 of the highest weight, so we have to insert our website keywords in H1 and H2, and also should be clear, try to use only a H1 tag. read more

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To enhance the user experience of the formula rich content + Q + active user convenience

to enhance user activity, what is the best way? Yes, that is the interaction with the user. Q plate is one of the most typical interactive plate. Now many websites will set up a Q & a plate, but the plate is often useless, because there is no one to ask questions, so instead of wasting the plate, as well as a good use, put the plate active.

: the first rich content

second: active


to enhance the user experience?The

a website to consider numerous, the user experience is one of the most important. Now love Shanghai in the continuous rectification of low quality website also reflects we must vigorously promote their website user experience. But the user experience is a very unreal concept, we should take what to do or what read more

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Startling step by step how to avoid the trap of Shanghai Dragon Road



The contents of the original low degree of of negligence

after summing up, in June the majority of the site by K are many problems of the site, in fact, in the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization and promotion, there are too many traps waiting for us to jump, once you jump in, it is likely to face the risk of K and right down. Said the widdy, accompanied by what are Baidu? Since we each step so jumpy, so why not let go every step down? The following is small / Loudi real estate network summed up on the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization road to existence and ignore the trap, hope you to be cautious. read more

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Shanghai dragon how to get good keywords ranking

when the chain and original. "

said the following article should, as far as possible and published his website consistent with articles, not pure copy others, try to be original best, if you can not write to copy again and then looked at their own changes, let the spider know you have modified this article, back don’t copy others website to go the.

try not to use the dynamic link form, because static or pseudo static easily included, said the white point is high weight if their website HTML files will all be included, and the dynamic link is not necessarily all included. read more

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Shanghai Dragon Master webmaster do these three points is equal to half the success mentality

"is a summary period, and another period of time before the enlightenment"; since love Shanghai can do a Monday update, then these website optimization, should also summarize and start it, the server will love Shanghai adjustments, these adjustments will let me have some summary of the website a Monday update Monday, a summary of which are needed, can be summed up some time ago how much of the chain, the content of maintenance, how much do Links; and the last update before ranking what changes, when you summed up, you will find that this week what I do to then at least under the effect of what, what is useful, I remember saying the words "80% of the revenue from 20% of your effort, you can through the work week To test the most reliable what work, and then extend these work. read more

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A5 broadcast love Shanghai open Https included the advantages and disadvantages of full resolution


has many owners worry, also in the A5 business school asked me, if the site does not do the Https upgrade, will not affect the site ranking

according to some hearsay: recent website ranking turmoil is part of the reason is because the "Https" to upgrade, of course this is only hearsay. This afternoon, Shanghai announced: "love love Shanghai open HTTPS included site Bulletin:

solves the owners are most concerned about a problem, we love Shanghai revealed this announcement see information: "love the sea as a domain name of the HTTP version and the HTTPS version of a site, priority included HTTPS version of this A5 marketing team also recommended: webmaster can as soon as possible to consider site upgrade processing. read more

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The enterprise website update internal anatomy of common problems

third: forget the long tail keywords strategy, is to update the


every day to the enterprise, some administrators have a headache, this time to update your site, then to the pseudo original or copy. This is the crux of the problem in third, wanted to update. Imagine a business website, the content of the publicity is there are many online, do not solve.

today to write this article, which is to tell our friends to do the optimization of the time for the enterprise in you, we need to pay attention to what the article in the update, don’t just go in order to cater to the spider, let the spider think that page updates. read more

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Study of electric business circle to spend a small amount of money for effective promotion

This is one of the

in fact, "electric business circle" award funds is not high, too long three months is the optimization of horse drawn, the highest bonus 10000 yuan, second yuan 5000…… It really is not high, but many webmaster website, this is also a way of promotion in one of the industry, and the optimization of each station, and the optimization of a word, the station is also useful, therefore, this activity is support and welcome the webmaster is not without reason. read more

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Search engine optimization technology know how to unlock the trap to make a mistake

now many websites especially the forum site in order to enhance the security of the content, often require the user to read the corresponding content in after landing, the author believes that this approach is not conducive to the optimization of the site, in fact the registered users can read the contents of the way it looks more rigorous, unless they are highly confidential content you can do this, for most sites, visitors should be able to browse the content of the website, but for some accessories download or other special function restrictions, the benefits of doing so is to attract tourists, included hand can increase the content of the web site. read more

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Sincerely share hidden Shanghai senior technical skills

in the collection of the information, but also to fall in love with the sea to search for the word game, you will have some relevant search appear in the following drop-down box and search results, as shown in figure


1. people want to play the game. These people may search: what game fun, what the most fun game, in which games can be played on the mobile phone, which games can be played on the computer. Computer games, video game machine words such as.

in front of the station has written four papers based on knowledge of novice learning Shanghai Longfeng introduction and two senior promotion content, advanced technology today continues to write Shanghai dragon three, Shanghai dragon attitude is more important than skill, no need to Shanghai dragon think very hard, there is no need to do every day in Shanghai Dragon do Shanghai dragon, to write the article and write articles must be done for each article, see the user will have a harvest, will feel the value, you see the user not wasting time, as long as do, do not promote your web site, the nature of the ranking and traffic, which is recently the stationmaster read some truth in the moral "after Wu of the Lao Tzu", then write an article using the moral intelligence to do Shanghai dragon article, please continue to pay attention to Xinjiang The sea dragon blogger’s article. read more

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Shanghai dragon page visual aesthetics be your own Van Gogh

is the most direct, we do the main purpose is to show the page design and convey to the user. You know, you in the industry website people, what they need most. In language, concept, function and form on the website, you should be how to locate? Our previous page design, due to the rapid development of western culture, various factors have been their influence. To understand that the user is actually from the origin, he does not need your site how much they just want to see as if it were raining flowers, what they need. Therefore, in the color of the page selection, function placement, page layout and so on various aspects, only reasonable, is the hard truth. read more

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Pure text outside the chain of no weight argument is groundless statement

3. text chain promote the site stability, made outside the chain of friends in the classifieds site may have such experience. Suddenly one day, the chain site suddenly many thousands of. The weight also was suddenly down, careful observation to see, found that the chain is concentrated in a classified information station, reason is the classified information website will have a recommended column, this column will put some membership information including the web site show in some other pages, show three thousand times, the recommended site outside of the chain the more than three thousand, so there is behind the cups. The text outside the chain can completely avoid the problems caused by the consequences. The number jumped even, there will not be as bad as the former situation. read more

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