Shanghai dragon win in Title Optimization

since the Ming, each page title should accurately describe the content of a page, the user can see at a glance what this page roughly speaking, search engines can also judge the correlation of the page. So don’t join in the title search index is high, but has nothing to do with this page keywords, this can only be futile, fix will be considered cheating, The loss outweighs the gain.

theme in the same site, the same, different page specific content is not the same, so the page title will not be repeated, so each page needs to have its own unique title tag. Repeat title is very friendly to the search engine, is also one of our webmaster very easy to make mistakes. Especially in the channel page, repeat the title is very common, even a lot of portal websites are repeated title of this phenomenon. For example: "the channel name site name -" no matter how many pages to turn the page, the title is the same, this is a typical title repeat, the simplest way is to add a page number to prevent duplicate tags to the title: "the channel name – the name of the site – page N", so that it can effectively prevent the page title, the each page of the search engine is more meaningful, more friendly, included. read more

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Web site traffic contains advantages of Shanghai Longfeng elements

The presence of

with words related with the content of the website is rich. For example, lead.Cn from Shanghai dragon, the address can be seen, this is the lead.Cn in Shanghai Longfeng "Shanghai dragon service" in the "Shanghai dragon > diagnosis

although a wide range of traffic sources, but the user dependency is deficient, travelers looking for some products using the appropriate search query: the CD album title, the title or the author published books and so on, once they are purchased after payment will not be immediately returned to the scene, close the page launch site, the more need to enhance the dependence on the website of the user by Shanghai dragon technology. read more

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