Internet ruthless color does not entertainment net 2014 or will tangle

The latest news from

, the "anti pornography net net 2014 ·" lasted less than half a month, have a proud record, first brought down fast, and then closed reading channels, including Sina Baidu how cool bookstores, 3G bookstores, reading network, huanjianshumeng more than and 20 literature website, the most the news is the next frame including the "Big Bang" and "good wife", the 4 series, a series of action quite cheerful feeling.

is the movement of the net, can really play a role? Pornographic nature and content about, whether it is pornography or pornographic video source of the most important natural, just take a "block" approach that can have much effect? Can understand pornography, but Nora sites like just a player only, closed Nora did not block the source, because the source of pornography in foreign countries. read more

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Sales theory is helpful for optimization

Seo, is a comprehensive knowledge, but the threshold is low. After mastering a certain theoretical knowledge, it is important to use it in practice and play a corresponding effect. As the saying goes: what it is. A pile of theories is useless. It may be said: while learning it, just. Indeed, the application of optimization techniques to do the corresponding e-commerce platform, the role is larger. In fact, in the simplest terms, it is speculated that the user’s psychology, as is doing sales. read more

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Three aspects of personal website can be closer to success

each webmaster have their own dreams, and thank my dream is to help the webmaster success, a lot of webmaster want their website, can develop, can have income, can shape big. Personal sites need to pay attention to three aspects, your chances of success will be very large.

1, website creative

thank you I put it in the first place, Li Kaifu, he is ready to run the site, the name is called creative labor, to help those creative development, be sure to create value. Have a good idea, I will say in the promotion of the great benefits. Bold imagination, perhaps this is your humble ideas, achievements of you. read more

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Make use of blogs to earn advertising fees

do you have a blog? Do you often write blog?

my blog built for a long time, before May, I have been to your blog look very simple, very simple, my blog is used to record their story, let the blog records the information of footprints, only this. April, in the webmaster network accidentally saw a story about the webmaster of the interview article, the article in the webmaster that point: my blog can make the cost of the server back. No, a small blog, can make so much money? Those words to me is very big, to study about the webmaster blog, found that the owners have a lot of websites, but his blog content is in service to his website group, a large number of articles are for his website group. I also have a blog, I also have a lot of Web sites, why let their blog empty? Make it rough in the Internet?

method in website promotion, is another blog post, do publicity, publicity China. That is the way I do, in the student blog posted dozens of articles every day students blog on a model China brought more than 1 thousand IP, there are hundreds of IP when the lowest. Why don’t you post it on your blog? In their own blog can also do a simple SEO optimization, the effect is more ideal than others in the blog, the effect is more significant. So anyway, I learned a simple SEO, and do a simple test on his blog, in the blog posted an "experience" righteousness and fostering new experience of the article, this article is posted up to May 16th, May 17th in the afternoon 17:40 number of visitors reached 234, only one day only, traffic most of the Baidu.

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In 2016 five chaos venture capital circles, the tear forced Baotuan, collapse, myth……

don’t think tall investors always winter capital investors, nouveau riche, also do not have the money, the landlord did not surplus, after the occasion, the entrepreneur can not produce psychological dependence, winter, winter can only rely on their own.

2016 winter capital, the venture capital has also experienced the test of life and death, the collapse of tear force, there are various kinds of merger tide lunged, let you forget what life is actually so busy, had to finish, there is no good. read more

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WeChat plot 61 advertising circle of friends or nostalgic brands like


] April 29th news billion state power network, although may not to, but the official WeChat has been brewing during the 61 circle of friends advertising investment. Billion state power network access a WeChat circle of friends 61 investment documents exclusive, from the file to understand, WeChat control efforts on advertising is extremely strong, trying to unify the creative theme, unified, unified and even advertising language. From the main WeChat nostalgia creative point of view, the user can resonate with the resonance of the old brand undoubtedly more advantages. read more

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The Ministry of Commerce to persuade B2C to stop the price war the situation is not optimistic.

daily news (reporter Jin Zhaoli) domestic B2C industry intensified price war has caused the attention of the competent authorities. By the end of 12th Five-Year, China’s online retail to break through 3 trillion, such a scale is the achievement of one hundred billion B2C companies, but also can be fully realized. But we B2C the enterprise is not to learn from each other, still playing the price war, to attack each other, if this situation does not change, our B2C market is not optimistic." Ministry of Commerce and information technology division deputy inspector Nie Linhai yesterday in Beijing intersection, said. read more

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Rely on advertising experience to share a monthly income of 3000 yuan (below)

Hello! "Wrote a monthly income of 3000 yuan on advertising alliance experience to share a few days ago", written is not complete, now in more detail to share experience, thank you always support


really, if the website is very good, traffic is large, you don’t be afraid not to earn money, if the site traffic less, and the content of the website is not good, it is recommended not to put advertising advertising will affect visitors mood! My website put a pop-up ads, I calculated every day according to 4 yuan 1000IP, I also according to the PV website to count, 4000IP website, PV also has more than 10 thousand, then the math, I have more than 40 yuan POP advertising revenue, 40 yuan a day, then 1200 yuan a month, equivalent to 1 months wages of ordinary workers, but I do not put. If so, estimated after a month I site of IP in the 3000 day, after two months of IP at around 1000, is also possible! You will get the visitors away! So I determined not to put the read more

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Google ADSense JS put code

      if your site is very large, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of HTML files, then it is a very troublesome problem to completely rebuild each time. A lot of friends directly to the Google Adsense code on the page, so when the ad code click rate, color and color collocation ", we want to modify the ad code, it must generate total.10.

      today I will share with you how to use JS to achieve flexible advertising. There are several advantages of using JS with read more

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Failure! Can not find their own articles published

can not find their own hair! My shame, shows I can’t play this website, too messy things I can’t get a clue, but the site’s popularity seems to be good, every day someone will see my post, I have a little pinch off, I will continue to work hard! Thank you for providing this platform for us.


in the night


dedicated Wangzhuan

was almost miss the point

was cheated

said: investors, not real; verbal praise, not really


angrily wishes to withdraw the

even peep small ear style read more

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Internet entrepreneurs common website model type

national day nothing like his own personal blog of a change in the home, make site operators professional website, collect excellent website operation experience the new Webmaster Help quickly get started, this idea originated everywhere these days for the operation of forum of each big website found that without this classification, and memory the history of the development of individual owners in recent ten years.

1, entertainment website traffic

typical representative: QQ non mainstream. Entertainment photo station, entertainment gossip, novel station, movie station, music station read more

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Which ads flow easily to the network

  more and more advertising to the Internet media, this trend will continue to develop for a long time, newspapers in different markets will face such a fact. It is worth studying that the classification of advertising flows to the network.

a, recruitment advertising

American newspapers have seen such a harsh reality. The share of advertising in the newspaper fell from 47% in 1996 to nearly $2002 by the end of 38%. At the same time, the recruitment of online advertising service has increased from 1.5% in 1996 to the end of 2002 at the end of the year, nearly an increase of nearly 12 times the number of times, the number of jobs in the. read more

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A prohibition big companies out of the entrepreneur note!

academic and dream


ran college by the game for game developers to upgrade madman madman, and the same quarters the dog made a copycat game, although not a big success, but also have small achievements. Pure young teenagers make the most popular game on the day after graduation to swear, after two people to dream into the most cattle game companies – flowers game. They were placed in a small team, the development of mobile phone games, the team average age less than 30 years old, a team full of passion, dare to try new things, all kinds of new mobile phone game development time is not long, 3 years, the team has made no small achievement, Betty and the dog became the game circle of little known developers. read more

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Urban white-collar women nursing Dafa _39 health network _ women

is very important, harm to human breast hyperplasia is psychological, because of the lack of a correct understanding of the disease, excessive excitement caused by anxiety sadness, neurasthenia, will aggravate the endocrine disorders, to aggravate hyperplasia, therefore should relieve each kind of bad psychological stimulation. Psychological ability of poor people should pay attention to less angry, maintain emotional stability, lively and cheerful mood, promote breast hyperplasia ease or subside. read more

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Be vigilant! Had been wrongly breast cancer killer _39 _ women’s health network

lack of evidence:

4 steel strip bra. Some people think that the bra will be compressed under the pressure of the axillary lymph nodes, hinder the lymphatic circulation. There is no scientific basis for this argument. Experts point out that the more thin women will choose not to take the bra, and they have a lower risk of breast cancer is relatively low.

and hormone therapy;

about what factors may lead to breast cancer, experts say is mixed. With the publication of a series of studies, some factors put on the "breast cancer killer" hat, and some factors because of insufficient evidence, still can not clear their relationship with breast cancer. read more

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